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Real Names Be Proof

Last week the homie mightymoose.eth tagged me in a rare tweet (or is it xeet now?).

They stumbled across an old episode of the now defunct Wizard of Dapps podcast that the legend Pet3rpan used to host that I appeared on 30 some-odd crypto years ago in 2020 that I totally forgot I had even recorded.

That got me thinking about the other shows - podcasts, interviews, and the like - that I’ve appeared on over the years. I’m usually quite selective about who I jump on the mic with to record things that aren’t MARS (aka The Matthew & Rizzle Show I’ve co-hosted for 4 years with my dude Rizzle interviewing literally all the legends in NFT land and cryptoart) or The WIP Meetup related, so there are only a handful of podcasts and interviews, but the list is kinda dank ngl.

Since I literally created a chronological list of links and titles of past recordings in my ad hoc archeological crypto dig, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share publicly.

If nothing else, I‘ll be able to treat this as a living document that I’ll update when/if I guest appear on any other shows heading forward. Hopefully, though, a few other folks come across this and give some of these episodes a listen; one can never have enough crypto history in their life, after all.

*These recordings appear to have unfortunately all been deleted. If, however, by some amazing luck someone who reads this has copies of past recordings or knows where there can be listened to plz hit me up on Twitter at @niftytime


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