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Kwenta Partners With ImmuneFi

Kwenta Engages ImmuneFi for Advanced Bug Bounty Initiative

In an effort to proactively address potential vulnerabilities, Kwenta has entered into a strategic collaboration with ImmuneFi, establishing a comprehensive bug bounty program. Set to commence on May 23rd; the initiative will prioritize the identification and rectification of issues pertaining to Kwenta smart margin solidity contracts.

The inclusion of bug bounty programs is paramount to ensuring the sustained robustness of a project, a significance that is amplified within the Web3 ecosystem. Given the augmented exposure to the risk inherent in this realm, these programs act as a critical line of defense. ImmuneFi, as the leading bug bounty platform within the blockchain space, is endorsed by an impressive roster of projects, including Synthetix, Chainlink, SushiSwap, and others.

The bounty program designed by ImmuneFi is uniquely structured to tie the distribution of rewards to the degree of vulnerability posed by the threat. A comprehensive delineation of threat levels within each bounty domain is accessible via the ImmuneFi Bug Bounty Portal.

Bounty Payout

Kwenta's Pledge to Security

As a decentralized derivatives trading platform offering perpetual futures and options trading on Optimism, we empower traders with access to a wide range of on-chain and real-world assets & are dedicated to providing a secure trading experience.

Security is of paramount importance to us, and as a collective, we prioritize:

  1. Robust Smart Contract Development: Meticulously design, develop, and audit the smart contracts that power Kwenta. By adhering to best practices, industry standards, and conducting thorough security audits, we aim to provide smart contracts that are reliable, resilient, and secure.

  2. Stringent Security Audits: We engage reputable external auditors and security experts to perform comprehensive security audits of our smart contracts, infrastructure, and systems. These audits will identify any potential vulnerabilities, which will be promptly addressed and mitigated.

  3. Continuous Monitoring and Response: Proactively detect and respond to any security threats or unusual activities. By continuously monitoring the platform, we aim to maintain the highest level of security and promptly address any potential risks.

ImmuneFi's Methodology

ImmuneFi encourages ethical hacking by supporting white hat hackers and ensuring they are fairly compensated for their contributions.

They assist entities like Kwenta by simplifying the process of identifying bugs and verifying the authenticity of bug submissions.

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