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UP is the most popular meme in 2022

The first meme with auto-bonus for LPs


  • Fair Launch
  • Innovative mechanism
  • 1000x unlimited rising

UP contract:




  1. Where to buy $UP?

$UP is released at BNB Chain, and listing at Pancakeswap for trading.

  1. What are the buy&sell tax?

The buy&sell tax is 2%, and be used for bonus for LP holders.

  1. Are there any fees for transfer?


  1. What bonus can I get?

You can get your bonus after adding LP. The frequency of bonus dividends depends on the transaction volume, several times a day, or once a few days.

  1. Will LP be locked?

Yes, LP will be locked for 365 days.

  1. Will contract ownership be burned?

Yes, the contract ownership will be transferred to the black hole after confirming that the contract is running well.

  1. How to get airdrop?

5% of the total amount of $UP tokens is used for airdrop, and contributors to community building and promoting have chance to get airdrop, details will be announced on twitter and telegram.


🌐twitter: https://twitter.com/up123_io