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Privacy Matters, 32

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At Automata we work on protecting privacy and fairness. And in this newsletter, we find more reasons to talk about it. Explore headlines and catch up on the biggest crypto news in Web3 privacy.

This week:

  • MetaMask partners with Blockaid to develop privacy-preserving module, boosting Web3 security

  • ECB executive addresses privacy concerns regarding digital Euro

  • White hat hacker Samczsun announces the Security Alliance to provide a 24/7 emergency hotline for crypto users affected by security incidents

  • FixedFloat gets exploited for at least $26 million worth of BTC and ETH

  • Affine Protocol suffers a flashloan attack on its Boosted ETH staking basket

Zooming into ZK:

  • Linea launches Alpha v2 with data compression and proof aggregation.

  • Humanity Protocol debuts as a new zkEVM Layer 2 blockchain for Web3 identity validation

  • AltLayer raised $14.4 million in a strategic round to expand its rollup infrastructure

  • Wormhole Foundation collaborates with Succinct on ZK Light Client

  • Mangata Finance introduces cross-rollup swaps

  • Starknet Foundation announces the first round of the STRK airdrop

  • QuickNode partners with Matter Labs to add support for ​​zkSync Hyperchains


We dive into the details, so you don’t have to:

Following a successful beta launch with Web3 security firm Blockaid, MetaMask has rolled out security alerts that proactively thwart potentially malicious transactions for all users. The by-default integration is now available on various chains, including Ethereum, Linea, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche. Notably, the privacy-preserving module eliminates the need to share every transaction and signature request with external parties.

Human Institute, in collaboration with Animoca Brands and Polygon Labs, has unveiled Humanity Protocol, a novel zkEVM layer-2 blockchain tailored for Web3 identity verification. Utilizing palm recognition technology as a privacy-focused alternative to intrusive methods like iris scans, the protocol is built on the Polygon CDK testnet, leveraging ZK-proofs and a Proof of Humanity consensus mechanism for identity validation.

The Wormhole Foundation, backing projects for the cross-chain messaging protocol Wormhole, announced collaboration with the Succinct team to develop an Ethereum ZK light client, aiming to decentralize message verification within the platform. This initiative, known as Wormhole ZK, empowers developers to reduce reliance on trust within Wormhole, enhancing cross-chain composability and network security.


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