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🚀veDAO Financing Daily News 06/01/2023

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Amount: $52 million

Stages: Strategic financing

Date: May 31

Investors: PayPal Ventures, Northzone, Volt Capital, Cherubic Ventures, Synchrony

Category: Developer Platform, DID

Description: Magic is a wallet-as-a-service provider that helps businesses onboard users into web3 with instant non-custodial wallet creation. It uses email or social logins, while removing the need for seed phrases and browser extensions - making it indistinguishable from standard web2 experiences that everyday users are accustomed to. Magic offers features for end-to-end web3 onboarding including authentication, fiat onramps, NFT Minting and NFT Checkout.

Additions: Magic raised $ 27 M in Series A round on July 22, 2021;Magic raised $ 4 M in Seed round on June 02, 2020



【2】Anoma Network

Amount: $25 million

Stages: Undisclosed

Date: May 31

Investors: CMCC Global, Electric Capital, Delphi Digital, Dialectic, KR1, Spartan, MH Ventures, Bixin Ventures, Anagram, Factor, Spartan Group, Perridon Holdings, No Limit, Plassa

Category: Layer1, Privacy

Description: Anoma Network is a private blockchain for bartering that enables traders to securely transfer and convert assets without the need of a base currency. Anoma Network is designed to facilitate private transactions through "asset-agnostic bartering". Bartering refers to the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services without money as the intermediary.

Additions: Anoma Network raised $ 26 M in a funding round on November 17, 2021;Anoma Network raised $ 6.75 M in Private round on April 27, 2021




Amount: $3 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: May 31

Investors: Expert Dojo, VT Technology Ventures, Practical Venture Capital

Category: Game

Description: M80 represents the next generation of organization built for today’s esports and gaming fans. It will develop and launch consumer goods, create digital items with real-world utility and explore innovations in web3, blockchain and other emerging technologies.



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