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Our founder fellows graduate

For the last three months, everyone at Variant had the pleasure of working closely with a special group of early-stage crypto founders as part of our first ever Variant Founder Fellowship (VFF). We wrapped the program in September with two incredible Demo Days, and we’re putting the spotlight on our ‘graduates’ in this issue.

Read on to learn more about the fellowship, meet the fellows and their exciting projects, hear some of the wisdom they received from our stacked speaker lineup, and see the special graduation NFT by artist Ix Shells.

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Dan Roberts, Editor in Chief

Meet our first VFF cohort

Li JinMedha KothariAlli Pope

Variant is always looking for ways to catalyze more innovation and exploration in crypto at the early stages.

While there are many startup accelerator programs out there, we felt early-stage web3 founders needed a tailored curriculum that deals with topics unique to them, including incentive design, community building, and protocol architecture.

Thus, the Variant Founder Fellowship (VFF) was born: a 12-week, cohort-based educational program for early-stage founders in crypto.

From nearly 400 applications, we welcomed just 24 projects. These founders spent the summer putting their business plans through the paces, from crafting go-to-market strategies to mapping out back-end infrastructure.

Our extensive Variant Network meant the fellows had access to exclusive guest lectures and firesides from some of the top players in the space: Uniswap founder Hayden Adams went in-depth about building at the product and protocol levels; former Polygon president Ryan Wyatt spoke candidly about business development tactics; former Eventbrite chief product officer Casey Winters unpacked best practices from web2 growth and onboarding; and half a dozen prominent founders dove into emerging infrastructure considerations.

VFF fellows brainstormed with each other, the Variant investment team, and our portfolio founders, receiving feedback that helped them reevaluate and strengthen their projects.

The experience culminated in our first-ever VFF Demo Days on September 6 and 7. Below, you can watch each project’s demo and learn more about what they’re building.

If you’re interested in applying to join our next VFF cohort, stay updated here.

Congrats again to our 2023 fellows! 📣 Roll call: Capsule (Stephanie CarrollFrankie Li); Chroma (Jack LongarzoTim van ScherpenzeelAaron Xie); Clave (Doğan Alpaslan); Dawn (Isaac RodriguezTom Waite); Digito (Amhed Herrera); Doormat (Trevor Aron); Forum (Peter FergusonJames McComish); Future Primitive (Benny Giang); Hashcurve (Jack KimKristof LommersBoris SkidanViktor Smits); Heimdall Labs (Nikhil RaghuveeraJesse Sawa); Mezzanine (Graham Novak); Neynar (Rish MukherjiManan Patel); Nosh (Gleidson GouveiaMike Perhats); Pathfinder (Cody BornIsaac Wooden); Ponder (Kevin Koste); Poolshark (alphakΞY); Probably Something (Natalie MeurerBeth Nakamura); Rocko (Jason CampThomas Harrison); Seam (Katy AtherholtNick Confrey); Shield (Emmanuel UdotongIsaiah Udotong); Studio X (Pooja Nagpal); Troops (Nico GallardoKevin Tjiam); Turbo (Josiah Savary).

Watch this playlist of all their Demo Day presentations:


And check out the cryptonative graduation gift our fellows received: this custom NFT by the artist Ix Shells.

A special Q&A with the artist is coming soon here on our Mirror.


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