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Launch House Season Two - Atoms & Bits

The networks we belong to are highly determinative of how our lives will turn out. And while we can't choose the country or city or life circumstances we are born into, the freedom of the open internet provides us unlimited choice with regards to the communities we want to belong to.

We believe sovereign individuals within collectives with shared values will change the world. 

Our collective values are these:

  • LIFT EACH OTHER UP. Collective action is infinitely more powerful than individual. We can accomplish anything together.
  • GO DEEP. Making friends makes you richer than networking. Dig beneath the surface and you'll find wealth and happiness.
  • ALWAYS BE LAUNCHING (ABL). The future belongs to those who take action and launch, not those who stagnate and squander opportunities.

It's time to launch . Welcome to Season Two ⚡️✌️

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