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Stem III Auction

I'm using Mirror to auction the third piece in my Stem copy series, based on David Rudnick's Stem series. For every Stem that David has published, I've produced a copy in Paint on my computer. This is piece 3/4 in that series, and the only one currently for sale. You can see David's original here:



When David's Stem I was originally released, @milkshapes minted "Saved," a screenshot of the piece.

With the original and the screenshot both off the table, I was forced to manually create my own version using MS Paint. I created Stem I copy, which you can see below.


This was meant to be a one-off joke piece, riffing on "Saved." I created it on a whim when I saw the tweet and completed it in about 45 minutes. But by the time I published it, I actually liked the work I had made, and I liked the original work even more.

I didn't know of plans for more stems, but a few weeks later, David released Stem II and Stem III, so I created copies of each, maintaining equilibrium between the paint copies and the originals.

As of today, 4 stems have been created, as have 4 paint copies. Each copy takes about 5-6 hours and is completed in one sitting.

Stem I was sold by me on Zora. Stem II was also sold on Zora, but all proceeds went to charity. Stem IV was gifted to a friend in an art swap.

That makes Stem III the only remaining stem copy available for sale.

Auction and Split

Using Mirror splits, I'm able to split up the earnings from this sale. 25% will go to David himself, and 25% will go to $ESSAY holders via the $ESSAY smart contract.

Stem III copy is visible in the embedded block below. The auction will be open for 24 hours. Thanks!

Token #2280


The auction is now over. Splits can be claimed below.

Stem III Paint

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