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Meet Dawn.

DAWN DAO is live.

Dawn DAO will govern The DAOist's Lisbon Metahub and set the agenda for the future of the project: a crypto native political organization working on outreach, education, and publishing for all DAOs.


If you are a past sponsor we need you to act:

We need two wallet addresses:

Org. Wallet - we will send there a Flex badge (a non-transferable NFT - like a patch from summer camp)

Delegate Wallet - we will send there a delegate token (it has voting power according to your contribution) - Send it to Felipe or Inga.


Who are your delegates?

Please identify who inside your organization would be the most interested in participating in Dawn governance and spread your votes weight between them.

Delegate token holders will also enjoy the benefits of priority access to The DAOist tickets and access to the Lisbon Metahub - a mix between offsite retreat and coworking space located (of course) in Lisbon.

This is the beginning of the next stage for the project! Embassies everywhere! Moar events, moar talks, art, tech, daoplomacy (and moar after parties!) - But also, more responsibilities.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t wanna read further just contact @dear_inga or @elementarycomplexity on telegram - we’ll get you set up fast so we can get DAOin’!

How many votes do you have and how to distribute them amongst Delegates?

Depends on the sponsorship tiers you’ve supported in the past - these ARE cumulative.

Past event sponsorships:

10 votes - Sister DAOs 25 votes - Ride or DAOs 50 votes - Patrons (AKA Master sponsor, we changed it cause ain’t no masters in the DAOverse)

Dawn Sponsorships:

50 votes -  Ministries (Reach out to learn more)

160 votes - Ambassadorships (Click here to learn more)

Dawn sponsorships can be divided into a set of delegate tokens of 10, 25, or 50. At the moment no limitations apply to holding these tokens in the same wallet - but there might be in the future.

Once minted the token structure is final and cannot be undone but they will remain transferable (unlike core, elder tokens, and the flex badges).

See you at Dawn.

DAWN Glossary

Org. Wallet - facing wallet of the organization where your Flex Badge will be sent.

Delegate’s Wallet - a wallet controlled by the delegate - that will be used for voting and will receive a Delegate token.

Flex Badge - a non-transferable token -  goes to the organization wallet and indicates that you are a part of Dawn DAO. At the moment it only has historical and flexing purposes but will be used to guide future access features.

Delegate Token - a transferable token; it should go to a person (delegate)  that will participate in governance, be granted access to the Lisbon metahub, and priority ticketing for future The DAOist events.

Delegates -  members of your org. that are Interested in participating in Dawn governance.

Dawn DAO - Dawn DAO will govern The DAOist's Lisbon Metahub and set the agenda for the future of the DAOist.

More information about DAWN you can harvest from our Ecosystem call #4.

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