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Meet The New Homepage

Traditional music platforms decide what music you discover. On Sound, you choose.

The Sound homepage is now a fully customizable feed. You choose which artists, curators, friends and genre channels to follow. Real-time activity surfaces new music for you through social posts, stories and context around the music.

The Vision

After we opened up Sound to all artists, we faced our biggest challenge: How do we highlight all the amazing new music coming onchain?

We only knew one thing for certain: we shouldn't be in charge of curation.

The world of new music discovery is already controlled by platforms. Tik Tok algorithms, Spotify recommendations, editorial playlists. This creates a sea of similar music all chasing the same formula.

We don’t need more platform curation

Instead, we need a place for organic discovery, powered by passionate, diverse music lovers. We need real connections and stories. Reviews, debate and conversation.

We were inspired by the blog era where anyone could write about music and have an impact. A small blog could help break a new artist or champion a new sound.

It was a decentralized way to power music discovery.

At the same time, we noticed a social layer building organically on top of Sound. Communities, curators, collectives and new indie labels were all driving most of the activity. This is where the magic is, so it makes sense to give *you* more power to curate on Sound.

Anyone can shape the Sound homepage

From today, everyone has the ability to shape music discovery on the Sound homepage. Share a song, make a playlist, write a post about why you love it. Every post will help boost a song up the viral chart and give it more exposure.

When someone collects music from your post, you'll earn curator rewards. Now there are hundreds of people that can elevate new music, help artists get seen and earn more money for their art.

Try it out

Visit the new homepage, start following your friends, artists and curators. Post your own favorite song and help others discover new music. The Sound homepage is now yours!