Erika Echaniz

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GenZ Consulting

The Symmetrical ($TSYM) is a genZ DAO exploring web3 investments.

We are a diverse group of creators with many broad experiences: VCs, consultants, engineers, founders, and college students.

Our mission is to bring web3 to one million genZ creators by doing what we love:

  • Investing in the most compelling and innovative ideas

  • Exploring trends, markets, and events in web3

  • Socializing (online and IRL)

GenZ is the first digitally native generation, and we are quickly becoming one of the driving powers of the economy of the future. We realize that genZ is critical to web3's mass adoption, so we are doing our part to ……...

Need in The Market

Businesses face an unprecedented mix of challenges associated with growing their brands:

  • Many brands’ customers are genZ consumers. They need access to the genZ perspective

  • In order for brands to stay relevant, they must adapt to genZ's move to web3 technology

  • The macroeconomic downturn severely impeded investors’ interest in new projects

Opportunity to Help

Through informal work with brands, we’ve identified a clear opportunity for more structured consulting work. With diverse entrepreneurial capabilities and broad industry networks, we are well-positioned to help brands grow their ideas into mature businesses.

As a result, we established GenZ Consulting. Because of our organization’s diversity, we are able to help with:

  • Research: Research from students and alumni from top research schools on any topic of choice (e.g., genZ insight)

  • Fundraising Support: Direct contact to 200+ angels, VCs, and syndicates worldwide

  • Talent Hiring: Access to the best and brightest talent in the world through our university associations

  • Product & Beta Testing: Early product feedback from 70+ genZ consumers on functionality, UI, customer needs, and suggested improvements

  • Promotion & Community Building: Thorough content research and detailed strategic approaches for promoting content guided by your brand’s marketing objectives, KPIs, and goals

Who do we work with?

We work with any web2 or web3 brand that needs support in the areas listed above. We are also open to customizing a solution based on your brand’s needs.

If you would like to partner with us, please DM @erika_echaniz or @jakub_rusiecki on Twitter.

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