Posted on Sep 22, 2022Read on Mirror.xyz

Black Dave's Calm Down

Dave is a ball of confusion with eyeballs and heavy bass. You know what you are getting with Black Dave’s music but the consistency of it is not why you are there. There is a certain look that you give Dave’s music when it comes on and most of the time it’s a “WTF is goin on right now” look, but then the bassline kicks in and all those feelings of “How did I get here?!?” tend to go away. There is an unapologetic rush of nuance and specificity to this particular song that will instantly grab those who know. Being hyper specific on the type of people you want to attract starts with creating stuff like this. The masses will gravitate to Dave when the stuff that he’s talking about becomes mainstream more and more. You can take all the web3 music talk and set it to the side for a moment while we talk about the music. Dave is making a sound that is authentically him and for that we love it.

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