Tao of DAO

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About three months ago, I jumped into the fray at Forefront to help with the launch of Season One: Enter the Forge.

I wanted one thing.

I had this question, and I didn’t want to understand someone else’s answer to it.

I didn’t want to read anymore. I wanted to do, bumble my way through, and keep bumbling - until that moment when the body understands, the body feels, the body knows.

But I hesitate to use that phrase (“the body”) without qualification. These wondrous moments of struggle and breakthrough to learning are not of a (brute) physical nature.

By using that phrase, I guess I am trying to indicate that we are dealing with the mystery of the human will.

It knows in a way that the intellect doesn’t.

Learning a new sport is maybe the analogous experience most can recall and relate to.

When I first re-taught myself how to swim, I pored over books and magazines with Olympians on the cover. I memorized the nuanced descriptions of the mechanics of each stroke. Every move I made in the swimming pool was halting, hesitant, suffused with conscious thought.

Think, think, think.

Then finally came the moment. The moment when thought stops…

And I just move. I just do. And in that moving, and doing, I suddenly understand more than anything the books and articles and experts could have written.

Back to Forefront, and the one thing I wanted.

I wanted to discover my own answer to the question, “Why is it that, everywhere I turn in my corner of the Twitter-verse, I see -




I knew I had to jump in. I had to just do, to get to that moment when thought stops.

I could never have imagined then, three months ago, that I would be where I am today.


Signing off, with gratitude to the Forefront fam and especially, Carlos, Jihad, Chase and CPTNSkeletor.

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