Tao of DAO

Posted on Oct 23, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz

Ep 9 | Blurred Lines

I spent years and years “doing my thing” - yet still questioning if I “was on the right path.”

I had old-school, old-world parents. I had siblings who lived up to the parental expectations in the expected manner.

This made it all the more noticeable that I hadn’t (haven’t).

In my better moments I am defiant about this. (Black sheep fellowship, anyone?)

In the not-so moments, I wondered if I blew it.

This week felt like:

Ahh, ok…I took the long way home.

Gardening in Public

The riddle we must circle around before we can continue:

What is Forefront’s North Star?

What stops us from getting clarity on this?

North Star jam sessions happen in every company.

What’s the Web3 native way of working through this?


with gratitude to the Forefront Genesis Squad, crews + Gary,