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🚀TrendX Financing Daily News 07/07/2024

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Amount: $1.6 million

Stages: Pre seed round

Date: July 5

Investors: Chromia, Mines of Dalarnia, My Neighbor Alice

Category: Game, Game Platform

Description: XOOB is a central hub for gamers and creators, offering a robust platform that combines quests, NFT mystery box sales, mini-games, and unique monetization functions, driving more engagement for the Web3 gaming community. The heart of XOOB is XP (XOOB Points), which operate on all platform levels, giving users the ability to participate in mystery box sales and unlock unique offers from Web3 games.



About TrendX

TrendX is an AI-driven Web3 trend tracking and intelligent trading one-stop platform, using large language model and AI technology to find market trends, and seamlessly combined with intelligent trading, committed to becoming a new generation of AI trading platform for 1 billion users to enter Web3 to check projects, find hot topics, see trends, primary investment, and secondary trading.



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