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NFT Hedz by Matt Furie

Hedz is a new collection of 1,000 NFTs from the illustrious creator of Pepe the frog, Matt Furie. Each Hedz is a hand-drawn, 1/1 work of love with a unique name.

It costs 0.666 ETH to mint one Headz NFT.

Hedz has a low supply compared to most other pfp collections. Most of these holders are art collectors. Each Hedz is hand-drawn by Matt over the course of the past year, averaging 3 pieces a day.

The chance to own one of these meme-worthy pieces has been sending a storm across the internet, causing enthusiasts to rally up prices, despite the wider uncertainties the NFT market is presently experiencing.

Pepe the Frog originally began as a comedic webcomic before being idolised by the internet and given its legendary meme status. Pepe, the frog, is one of the most popular internet memes. The green cartoon-style character inspired thousands of artists.

Aside from Headz, Matt Fruie also releases 1/1 NFTs known as Rare Pepes. Each Rare Pepe NFT contains a short, wonderful animation.

Pepe the Frog genesis NFT featuring the “feels good man” comic strip originally sold for 420 (to@punk4156) and subsequently changed hands for 1000 ETH.

Over the years, Matt Furie’s prestige in the crypto and NFT space has grown as his numerous projects and memes have spread far and wide throughout Web3. With Hedz, Furie presents an accessible way for collectors to obtain a piece of art in his unique style, which draws on the collective humor of the NFT community.

Hedz is not your regular pfp project. There is no utility, no roadmap, just feel good vibes and good art. What an incredible collection. Bringing the true energy of NFT culture back to life. Full of mesmerizing, timeless pieces. Known as the most unique NFT collection ever.

For the individual investor investing in new NFTs. Maybe it can bring in impressive returns if you do your research. @HanweChan minted 70 HEDZ NFTs for 0.666 ETH and sold at an average of 2.1 ETH after gas and fees. Total profit around 100 ETH or $140K. His friend told the chance about a pretty under the radar premint called HEDZ. He ended up making 100 ETH from this single project after all these months.

For NFT users, learning about NFT, every day is a new unknown, a new battle. Many projects are launched, the competition of the platform, and user growth.

All kinds of differences, but the only common is to make money!

The Pepe the frog meme, recently Hedz NFT launch of very successful, looking forward to more interesting innovations!

Do you know a little more about NFT today, still optimistic? As the market picks up, the NFT growth space will encrypt more or less the market.



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