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ExploreDAO Proposal


ExploreDAO pushes individuals and members to explore the world around them. Take a break from the endless pit of the metaverse and VR, go explore the real-world. How do we get more people to wander around, travel and explore? I think Pokemon Go established an excellent foundation for that. Incentivize people to go about in the world and collect items with varying rarity along the way.


Derived from the simple premise. Everything is tending toward individuals becoming encapsulated in the metaverse and VR rather than their real-life surroundings and environment. There is nothing inherently wrong with the metaverse, but it should be utilized in moderation. How can we go about incentivizing users to have an equal split between their virtual and real living? Perhaps by providing a linkage from the metaverse to real life and vice-versa by allowing people to collect NFTs that are location-specific and then providing them with usage in the metaverse.

What next?

I have already got initial feedback and early interest by a handful of people. I think it’s only fitting to expand this from a personal side project of mine with full control to DAO where the community builds, expands and controls the fate of this idea. At the time of this writing, I have hacked together a rough IOS app that connects to a device over bluetooth. Not to go into the minutia of the system, the device connects with a user’s device and generates a bit of information that is then sent to a server and an NFT is selected and sent to the user’s wallet.

Interested in becoming a core member to build out ExploreDAO? Shoot me a DM on twitter @omarnwaked. Would love to talk to you. I am looking for talented people to fill the following roles as they are instrumental to building out a solid foundation for everything that will be soon to come.


  • Artists
  • Community Manager(s)
    • Emphasis on community building, marketing and discord related skills
  • Engineer(s)/Developer(s)
    • WebApps
    • Smart contracts
  • Product/Project Managers


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Want to know about my background and experience personally?

Here is my LinkedIn ( ), feel free to send me a message, connect, bounce ideas off of me, etc. Always love to talk about ideas and meet new people :)

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