Adam Ludwin

Posted on Sep 14, 2021Read on

Introducing Context: see what's happening on Web3

We are happy to announce Context, a new service that lets you see what’s happening on Web3, now in beta.

** \n Context answers questions like –**

  • What are people who own CryptoPunks buying right now?
  • What NFTs are my friends minting today?
  • What new works just dropped from pioneering NFT artists?
  • What are people in FWB aping into?

You could hunt for answers in Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Or you could just open Context, see what everyone’s doing, and click through to participate in the stuff that excites you.

** \n Context lets you –**

  • View beautiful, real-time feeds of the NFTs that top artists and collectors are minting and trading across every marketplace and project
  • Follow your favorite people and DAOs so you never miss activity that matters to you (even if they aren’t on Context yet!)
  • Curate NFTs you love to share your aesthetic and help creators reach more people
  • Participate in the projects that inspire you with one click

** \n Join the Context community**

** \n Our vision** is to make Web3 100x more accessible. Want to help? Join us!