Colin and Samir

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The Colin and Samir Split

Colin and Samir

For everyone who retweeted our announcement tweet and included their ETH address while our auction was live, you can claim your ETH by pressing "Claim Funds"

*Gas fees will apply, and may be more than the Eth. Even if you don't claim the Eth, we will have a record of your involvement and we will ensure that you are rewarded as we continue to do drops.

The Buyer

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this drop, and to the team at Matrix who won the bid, we can't wait to build the future of Creators x Crypto with you

Our first Crypto x Creators Meeting

@jzlegion // @YouAreMatrix // @TrainerLuisCR

Lessons from Our First NFT Sale

We'll be recapping this full experience on our YouTube Channel soon, but we want to include a few key lessons we learned over the past week about Crypto x Creators

  1. Be Curious - Colin and I spent months on Zoom calls with people in the Crypto space (Shoutout Jess Sloss) to learn about Crypto and get a really good sense how Crypto works as well as how the community is building. This helped us identify where we fit into the world.

  2. Value Exchange - Selling an NFT is an exchange of value. Step 1 helped us understand who we wanted to speak to and what our value prop was to the buyer.

  3. Learn by Doing - This process has accelerated our education in the space.The Auction itself educated us on the value of DAOs... and we've already invested in a DAO as well as discussed ways to roll out education with Crypto-Creator advisory board: Louie, JZ, Yang and Anish.

Interested in how we minted and sold the NFT?

Watch our YouTube video from before the Auction

The Auction

Token #2962

Thanks for taking part more to come on

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