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Livepeer Recent Highlights: May and June in Review

The past two months have been packed with innovation, community engagement, and important developments for Livepeer. Here's a comprehensive look at the key highlights and milestones that have shaped the project’s journey recently.

AI Subnet Launch

One of the most significant milestones was the successful launch of the Livepeer AI Subnet in May.

This critical infrastructure upgrade allows for advanced AI video capabilities, including text-to-image, image-to-image, and image-to-video transformations. The AI Subnet provides a robust and scalable environment for orchestrators to earn fees by performing AI inference jobs on their GPUs, marking a significant step toward decentralizing AI video compute.

Additionally, developers can experiment with the subnet, benefiting from enhanced tools and documentation that allow them to easily integrate AI capabilities into their applications, leverage cost-effective AI compute, and build innovative solutions within the Livepeer ecosystem.

AI Startup Program Launch

In line with the AI Subnet launch, Livepeer introduced the AI Video Startup Program. This three-month program is designed to accelerate the development of innovative startups at the intersection of AI and media. Selected teams will receive up to $40K in grants, mentorship, investor networking, technical support, and exclusive early access to Livepeer’s AI video infrastructure. This initiative aims to foster a new generation of AI-powered video applications, driving forward the vision of decentralized media.

GEN VIDEO Event in Berlin

On May 23, Livepeer hosted the GEN VIDEO event in Berlin, which brought together a diverse group of participants to discuss the opportunities for decentralized video creation and broadcasting in the era of generative AI.

The event was a success, featuring thought-provoking panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. Highlights included discussions on content authenticity, media verifiability, and the future of AI-enhanced video workflows.

To top it all off, the event concluded with a lively party hosted by Livepeer Video Disruptor Refraction, where participants enjoyed the presentation of Regenerate - the first ever onchain visual streaming software, music, drinks, and the chance to unwind and connect in a more relaxed setting.

Watch the panels and the video disruptor spotlights on LivepeerTV.

Early Node Operators and App Builders Join the AI Subnet

The AI Subnet has seen a growing number of early node operators and app builders joining and actively participating in the alpha phase. This community engagement has been instrumental in testing and refining the network’s capabilities. The promising results from these early adopters have demonstrated the reliability and efficiency of Livepeer's infrastructure, setting the stage for further expansion and innovation.

So far 26 AI node operators have been actively performing jobs on-chain, executing more than 38000 text-to-image and more than 18000 image-to-video tasks.

Find out more about LivepeerAI and how to get involved.

Key Partnerships and Events

Livepeer's commitment to building a robust and inclusive ecosystem is reflected in its strategic partnerships and community engagements:

C2PA Membership

Livepeer became the first open infrastructure network to join the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

This partnership aims to combat AI-generated deepfakes and misinformation by integrating verifiable metadata into content creation and distribution processes, enhancing trust and authenticity in digital media.

The C2PA is an open technical standard providing publishers, creators, and consumers the ability to trace the origin of different types of media. Other members include major industry players like TikTok, Adobe, Google, Sony, Intel, BBC, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Livepeer's involvement underscores its commitment to supporting content authenticity and rebuilding trust in media through decentralized infrastructure.

To find out more watch this video where Eric Tang, Livepeer Cofounder and CTO, and Andy Parsons, Senior Director of the Content Authenticity Initiative at Adobe, talk about content authenticity and provenance in AI video.

Web3 AI Day

Livepeer will be at the Web3 AI Day organized by Encode Club, with Founder Doug Petkanics speaking on the Creative AI Panel. This event highlights the intersection of Web3 and AI, emphasizing how DePIN tech can enhance and support AI applications.

Plus1 Partnership

Livepeer partnered with Plus1 for live streaming events, such as La Noche in Barcelona, demonstrating the capabilities of Livepeer's decentralized video infrastructure in real-world scenarios.

Open Source AI Summit

Livepeer ishappy to join the Open Source AI Summit, co-hosted with NEAR Protocol and KryptoPlanet. This summit features thought-provoking talks on the intersection between Web3 and AI, showcasing rising projects and builders in the space. It is an excellent platform for Livepeer to engage with the community and highlight its role in advancing AI and decentralized technologies.

ETHCC Happy Hour w/ Livepeer

Livepeer is hosting a happy hour during ETHCC in Brussels, providing an informal setting for developers, content creators, and video enthusiasts to connect and discuss the future of decentralized video.

Treasury Proposals Passed

Two significant treasury proposals were passed, marking a new phase of development and innovation for Livepeer:

Aquareum: The Video Layer for Everything

Aquareum aims to integrate rich video functionality with decentralized social networks like Farcaster, Lens, Nostr, and Bluesky's AT Protocol.

This initiative will provide an iOS/Android/Web app with a Twitch/YouTube interface, allowing millions of users to watch and create video content seamlessly. The project will include features like livestreaming, VoD, clipping, multistreaming, and AI video generation, ensuring scalable and cost-effective video distribution.

Read the full proposal here.

Realtime Interactive Video SPE

This initiative focuses on creating a new market segment for real-time interactive video, leveraging Livepeer's decentralized video transcoding technology. T

he project aims to increase demand for Livepeer's services by targeting high-streaming activity markets and providing an open-source template app to facilitate community innovation. The expected outcome is a significant boost in network scalability and robustness, benefiting the entire Livepeer ecosystem.

Find out more by reading the proposal.


The past two months have been a period of rapid progress and exciting developments for Livepeer.

As we enter the expansion phase of the AI Subnet, Livepeer is focused on enhancing the quality of service for AI Orchestrator and AI Gateway node operators. The goal is to expand the range of compatible GPUs, reduce container load times, and refine the onboarding experience for developers. The Livepeer team will also be present at ETH CC with core team members speaking and participating in various events, furthering our commitment to the community and the development of decentralized video technology.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us on this exciting journey. For more information on our initiatives and how you can get involved, visit LivepeerAI and join our Discord.

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