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Hello Metaverse!

GM 👋 fellow defi degens, apes, crypto-natives, bankless nation or simply people who are building the foundation of the metaverse. We are thrilled to join you in-arms as we build a borderless and premissionless world together.

PWN is for all crypto-natives

We are PWN, and our mission isn’t anything smaller than to pwn banks and tradfi: we're going to pry open access to financial services for everyone, regardless of their identity, ethnicity or social status.

Let’s face it: if you are a crypto-native, your access to regular financial services is limited. Your net worth is in digital assets, and you work for... uhm what?... a DAO?

But now you want a roof above your head? That's what mortgages are for, right. So you apply for one. Too bad. You're worthless to a bank. You don’t stand a chance!

Not just OGs!

Surprise surprise, not everyone in crypto is a millionaire. Digital assets and cryptocurrencies are becoming a new normal for entire generations. People can earn money, pay for services (groceries or rent) without needing to trust banks to manage their money, and it's catching on.

PWN is here for all crypto-natives. We are tired of the gate-keeping that traditional institutions enforce on law abiding citizens, and we're willing to dedicate our lives to push technological boundaries to provide the same opportunities to our kin.

It wouldn’t be so bad if financial services, like credit loans or mortgages, weren't ultimately a rigged market. Even for a millennial the outlook for ever owning a home are dim. The millennials and gen z's in crypto are stuck waiting for token pumps to get theirs, while holding into a day job to slowly pay off their student loans.

Metaverse is the fresh start

Assuming that everybody is a criminal or a terrorist is simply not the best place to begin. Luckily Ethereum fixes this!

Let’s put it this way: for democratic systems to be truly based on "vox populi", then the ‘majority’ of people should be assumed to be well-intended, and less interested breaking the rules that they themselves imposed. The vast majority want to live simple lives, without having to deal with ‘the game’, but they will play along. But here in the real world, with a well-intended majority or not, everyone has to comply with surveillance and endless bureaucracy. Otherwise, you are a criminal.

The Metaverse is a chance to start over and test things before production. Metaverse enables us to create social systems which are opt-in, based around communities and where values and culture can evolve with ever-accelerating speed. Metaverse is borderless, built bottom-up by geeks, and it's for everybody.

Our Mirror mission

On Mirror, we’ll be publishing community-focused content and sharing our views on where our community and industry are headed. Look out for regular platform updates, and for the latest PWN features.


It's PWN, not PWN!

As you can see, we are pretty bad at branding, so we don’t even have a unified view on how to spell “PWN”. Ultimately, we’ll leave it up to you, the community, and just go with what sticks!

GN Metaverse! We’ll be here when you wake up again :)

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