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PRISMA Retroactive Airdrop Details

We’re excited to unveil the Prisma Retroactive Airdrop. As stated in our previous post introducing the PRISMA Governance Token, locked PRISMA tokens will be airdropped to Prisma Point Holders and to addresses who voted for Prisma to be whitelisted on Curve.

The purpose of the PRISMA Retroactive Airdrop is to stimulate participation in Prisma’s on-chain governance and to enable the wider community to act as responsible stewards of the protocol’s development.

veCRV Airdrop

veCRV holders are among the top communities in DeFi, representing sophisticated users who will be valuable members of the Prisma ecosystem. In return for voting to whitelist Prisma, they will receive 1% of the total supply, distributed proportionally to all veCRV voters who voted on the proposal (

Prisma Points Airdrop

To encourage and reward early users of the Prisma Protocol we introduced the Prisma Point system. The system was designed to track users’ contributions to the Prisma Protocol. Users would earn points by opening a vault and minting mkUSD, depositing mkUSD into the stability pool, and providing liquidity on Curve. To reward these early users we have allocated 2% of the total supply to Prisma Point holders, distributed proportionally based on the percentage of total points earned by each user.


All tokens allocated towards the airdrop are locked as vePRISMA to stimulate participation in the Prisma DAO, enabling greater community ownership and decentralized decision-making. veCRV voters vePRISMA are locked for 52 weeks and Prisma Point holders vePRISMA are locked for 26 weeks.

How to claim PRISMA

The airdrop for veCRV voters is scheduled for November 6th, 9 a.m. UTC. The airdrop for Prisma Point holders is scheduled for November 9th, 9 a.m. UTC. In order to claim PRISMA, go to our website at