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Autility Function: Dopeness of AMPL

The figure below illustrates this:

All of this can be summed up by this video clip:

Everything is always running out; so the name of the Game is to out-run that

This is our bootstrapping process that will once again catalyze the “Roaring Twenties.” 100 years ago, we did this with telephones when personalized phone numbers were made possible by the dis-intermediation of Human Call Operators.

Automated Exchanges unlocked this and made Peer-to-Peer Consensus more efficient & frictionless. Today, the fractal pattern repeats, and everyone again gets their personalized phone numbers (Wallet Address). Instead of Information, Peer-to-Peer Consensus emerges around Money. This is because human mediated finance is dis-intermediated by Automated (Decentralized) Finance - DeFi.

More to come soon on how this will lead us to co-own the web3 Assembly Line, which comes to our home to accommodate us; e.g., Work becomes Labor b/c the Action of Sleeping Yields Value —> Health becomes Wealth.

The Earth moves best when we move it together.

If you are or you have ever been a Patient, then you owe this to yourself and to everyone else who has gone through the same BS that you have dealt with. If you’re a Physician who seeks more Autonomy, need we say more? This is the broader idea:

Capital is not the rate-limiting step; Value is. A quick search on will verify that the Digital Wallet Address linked with Bhau.eth ( is also linked with Michigan-DAO.eth:

This applies to also: TMS-DAO.eth; Neuomodulation-DAO.eth; Autility.eth

For reference, you are welcome to view My video on Neuroscience of Ethereum or anchor the above to AMPL-SPOT Bond Configurations in Discrete & Continuous Time:

In summary, the Neurotransmitter Dopamine is the most valuable asset we’ve evolved to computationally wager for the other two scarce assets of Time & Attention. Dopamine is highest utility because it is useless when hoarded.

Dopamine is Fuel; its best use case by design is Yield. The optimal Yield is derived from continuously wagering it, which our Nervous System executes computationally.

The Assembly Line emerged from these realizations 100 years ago. Unfortunately, there were also negative outcomes that resulted from this process. Like any tool, we have to use Technology with Responsibility

In the 1920s this endlessly renewable source of Energy came by the way of Water, which was the elemental force behind Electrification of America. Today, ETH is Water. Reference:

Consequently, Optimization of AMPL-SPOT System’s Utility Function in the way indicated herein – to facilitate the reciprocal conversion of Health into Wealth & Wealth into Health - characterizes the Autility Function