Jason Zhou

Posted on Jan 09, 2022Read on Mirror.xyz

Key use cases for juicebox_WIP

This is my observation of what people are using juicebox for.

What is juicebox

Juicebox fundamentally is an out-of-box solution for communities to initiate token & manage treasury expenses.

Why people are using juicebox?

Group of people buy certain assets with shared ownership (Main use case)

Treasury management & DAO allow group of people to put their money together to fund certain topics, and get clear ownership based on the amount of money they put in.

  1. Constitution DAO: Raised $40m+ for purchasing constitution
  2. Spice DAO: Raised Ξ2,608 for purchasing The Dune Bible
  3. Shark DAO: Raised Ξ1,014 for collecting Nouns NFT
  4. MoutainDAO: Raised Ξ66 for buying a mountain in Virginia
  5. GCG Kingpin DAO
  6. Stolen Artifacts Go Home

However, there are so many other projects are having some similar use case, but not built on juicebox, Why?

  • Links DAO
    • They use different tiers of NFT instead of ERC-20 token as the way to raise fund and gate membership access
  • Rally: ???
  • CityDAO: ???

DAO expense management

It was a problem of lack of transparency of how the fund was released, including release salary to DAO contributors. Normally all treasury goes to a multi signature wallet, and the funds can be released by that wallet manually every month.

However, with juicebox, DAO can put funds into a treasury smart contract to manage all the expense.

  • Juicebox
  • Slice
  • TileDAO
  • CanuDAO

Fund projects

Projects type is a combination of the fund raising &

  1. Moon DAO: Raised Ξ100 for send a people to space in 2022
  2. WAGMI Studios
  3. elfDAO: Raised Ξ12 to get gifts to kids in need
  4. Offer Bot: Raised Ξ10 to build and fund an Opensea offer bot to buy and sell blue chip NFTS.
  5. ScribeDAO

Others that I’m not sure (WIP)

  • DefiDAO:
  • Lexicon Devils