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Some crypto TikTokers provide non financial advice while nodding and shaking heads at the rhythm of the song Choices by E-40. @luismcsoul 


"These messianic influencers have elevated the human communication up to the point where, at the rhythm of the song Choices by E-40, without the need for articulated sentences and only with minimal facial expressions, are able to summarize years of deep fundamental and technical analysis in order to provide non financial advice while ticker symbols of publicly traded assets appear on top of their heads giving us the absolute confidence that there's no confirmation bias involved".

Binary codes are important for traders. People are forced to adopt either one of two options: call/put, long/short, buy/sell, bullish/bearish, dovish/hawkish, candles of colors green (representing a peaceful growing garden)/red (animal bleeding), fear and greed (algorithms like extremes).

Now Tik Tokers have added the famous nodding and shaking heads. This behavior corresponds to something known in design as visual economy: Say it with less, a sort of extreme simplification that comes hand in hand with infantilization. This non verbal communication uses basic emotional recognizable instructions: smiling brings some happy and positive thoughts while frowning sends the clear message of something worrisome, closer to a burden to be avoided.

These strategies have found an important niche: the millions of people who, despite passing through basic education, remain scientific illiterates. Some of them are temporarily passing through a stage in their lives, some of them, for good or bad, will never have to study the subject of research methodology.

Bombarded with imaginary from of all epochs, ancient and futuristic, from all cultures, from all possible worlds, in all possible parallel universes: the scroll down, seemingly coordinated by our thumbs is in reality controlled by the algorithms deployed by content administrators: mathematical formulas constantly reinforced to keep users hooked for a longer period of time.

In this context it is obvious that our attention has dropped to the lowest point ever seen in human history.

People are getting ad blindness and video ad attention is down to eight seconds on average (a goldfish is supposed to have 9 seconds). This is the reason why, YouTube has developed the Bumpers, 6 second/unstoppable ads. For longer videos, if viewers are not hooked within 10 seconds, 20% of them will leave. This data was from 2021, I am confident the percentage will significantly increase this year.

Furthermore the attention gained by these video sharing apps is signaling a future transition towards massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Communication and absolutely everything in our everyday lives will pass through it. In the near future we will be landing on 3D places instead of Google/Wikipedia. It would be like a Call of Duty internet browser experience. Some sophisticated avatars will be hunting down new versions of the nope yup gurus in those chaotic virtual market places of the future, reminding us that the world is full of gradients of hue, saturation and value.


(Directing Creative Teams Towards Multiverses)