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Migrating to Polygon

Yup Users

Claiming your YUP on Polygon is a piece of cake.

1. Go to [app.yup.io/migration] and sign into your Yup account

2. Enter the Polygon address where you want to receive your tokens. (IMPORTANT:The address you use to claim your YUP will become your new YUP account. All future actions and rewards will be attributed to this address, so choose wisely)

3. Follow the prompts on the migration page to claim your YUP rewards. And just like that, you're a Polyupster! (A Yupagon? Still working on it…) The YUP will appear in your account within 6-8 hrs.Note: The majority of Ethereum wallets also serve as Polygon wallets, e.g. metamask, coinbase wallet, rainbow, Argent, etc. If you’re using Gnosis safe or a wallet not mentioned above, double-check that it is cross-compatible before claiming.

Liquidity Providers

LPs, migrating is breezy for you too - there’s just a couple more steps you have to take to start farming, but nothing to fuss about.

  1. Claim YUPETH from the migration page (claims both YUP and YUPETH within 6-8 hrs, See steps 1-3 of previous section for details).

  1. Once your YUPETH has arrived, click “Stake” to enter the YUP LP staking page
  2. Find the Staking section for YUPETH from Uniswap V2 on Ethereum (the pool you’ve been providing liquidity to). Congratufrickinlations, you’re earning YUP for staking on Polygon!

How to get MATIC on Polygon

Now that Yup is on Polygon you will need some $MATIC to withdraw, deposit, or provide liquidity from your Yup account. (Basically, unless you plan to hodl to ∞, you need MATIC.) $MATIC is the native token of the Polygon network: It is the currency you use to interact with Polygon. Just as you pay an $ETH gas fee to transact on Ethereum you must pay a $MATIC gas fee to transact on Polygon.

Some of you may already hold $MATIC, but if you’re new to the low-fee wonderland of Polygon, here are our recommended ways to get some $MATIC:

Binance, FTX, OKX or other centralized exchanges with native MATIC (Does not require Polygon bridge)

Many centralized exchange other than Coinbase allow you to purchase native MATIC tokens directly without the Polygon Bridge (sweeet). If you’re signed up on one of these exchanges simply…

  1. Simply purchase MATIC as you would any other token
  2. Send to the Polygon address associated with your Yup account. It’s that easy.

Coinbase (requires Polygon bridge)

This option requires using the Polygon Bridge (a transfer between Polygon and Ethereum), so will cost you an extra Ethereum transaction fee. However, this is still probably the best option if Coinbase is your main crypto gateway.

  1. Log in to Coinbase and search: “MATIC”.
  2. Purchase at least 3 MATIC. These will cover your transaction costs on Polygon.
  3. Send your MATIC to your new Yup account. (NOTE: Make sure there's enough Eth in your Yup account to cover the bridge fee based on current gas prices.)
  4. Go to the Polygon Bridge and connect the wallet associated with your Yup account.

5. Under token, search “MATIC”

6. Hit “transfer’, confirm your transactions and boom! You’ve got MATIC on Polygon :)