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­The Importance of Superfan Rewards in 2023 for Music NFTs & Why Wayha x Klezma is My Favorite Drop Yet 🔥.

The year is 2008.

It’s 11:30 PM on a cold winter Tuesday night and I’m sitting in the corner of my room in my one floor ranch suburban house, in Rockland NY, about 1 hour north of Manhattan.

My room is located at the end of the house, parallel to our long driveway, which is lit by a single light attached to the house.

Tons of bugs swarm the single light, bashing themselves against it like crackheads.

The desk I’m sitting at is a very light brown Ikea corner desk with an obese big dell desktop.

Connected to the desktop are dozens of wires, including one that connects to a “cool” pair of Sony headphones.

They are cool because they wrap around my ears and the band is hidden behind my head.

Above me is a single lamp. All other lights are turned off.

Been there for hours, on a single website: Youtube.

I’m doing what I have been doing for years: using music as therapy, except this time, I now have a computer and the control to take this music experience one step further.

I have barely hit puberty but I am drowning in an ocean of hormones while I listen to “Hero/Heroine - Boys like Girls”, while thinking of my crush, Abby.

I take the Youtube link, and place it on my Facebook wall and hit “share”.

I don’t really see the value in a “wall” but there is no such thing as “texting” on Facebook yet.

I then realize that the second best option to share this song with friends, who might also enjoy it (maybe they also have an “Abby”), is to simply post the link on my friends Facebook walls.

I do this for a bunch of my friends.

Although I never did get a shot with Abby…. or Jordana….(come to think of it I really sucked at getting girls who I had crushes on #emotionaldamage), I did continue sharing music over the next 15 years.

Over the years I kept scouring the internet for music and discovered:

  • Machine Gun Kelly

  • Chance the Rapper

  • Paramore

  • Atreyu

  • Avenged Sevenfold

  • Luke Christopher

  • Mac Miller

  • Kid Cudi

  • and more.

Sooner or later Facebook releases the “Newsfeed” feature and my posts on my friends’ walls become public information.

The next thing I know, all the kids in my school are listening to the music I found.

The same artists I found before everyone else are now gaining massive traction.

Within 12 months they are huge. Everyone is a fan. Everyone is listening to them.

I feel a sense of pride. Specifically for one artist in particular , named Machine Gun Kelly.

I am proud of MGK for going from rapping on a stoop in Cleveland to making it big.

I am also proud of myself for helping him in my own little way, as well as helping other communicate through music.

But something is missing.

MGK has no idea that I was one of his first fans.

He has no idea that I helped spread his music.

He has no idea that I was one of his first supporters.

Fast forward to December 24th, 2022 and he still has no clue.

I got absolutely nothing for it.

No recognition, no extra access to MGK, no nothing.

To put it in startup terms: I put in “sweat equity”, and I don’t have anything to show for it. I have nothing that can have value in any sort of way.

This is the case of music today and what Music NFTs (if done correctly), will set out to change.

This is also why what we have built at Klezma is so powerful and why our most recent drop announcement is so game-changing.

The days of artists not knowing who their superfans are, what they have done, and how engaged they are, are gone.

And with that, the days of fans not getting anything for their support and “sweat equity” are too.

Announcing Wayha by Stephan Jacobs (Bosa) x Klezma: The first Immersive Music Video NFT collection that rewards continuous engagement.

The Wayha drop is exactly what my OD hormoned teenage self , as well as any music lover/early adopter, would have absolutely loved.

That is because Wayha is an extremely innovative drop for the following reasons:

1) It is the first music video collection . (As we all know visuals add a whole other layer to expression)

2) As you saw , Wayha is Immersive.

That means it rewards people based on not only what they collect, but on their engagement. Wayha allows fans and collectors to gain a special badges if they are one of the first 100 collectors or followers of Stephan Jacobs (aka Bosa) on Klezma.

3) In addition to that, fans and collectors have a chance to gain even more badges and access to Bosa, including first listen to his next single (coming soon) if they complete bounties, which are usually in the form of sharing the music in some sort of fashion.

For example: using “Wayha” music in your new cat video on Tiktok. (yes - we have gotten to the point where cat videos are viral).

It's a cat GIF. Nothing more.

As you can tell, Wayha mixes two very important elements for fans and collectors:

1) Access to their favorite artists and 2) Clout

But there’s another layer here:* It helps Bosa as (well as any artist dropping on Klezma in the future), increase fan/collector engagement and streams and exposure on web2 platforms (socials and streaming platforms).*

This is where beauty in the deeper meaning is : music today is spread through visuals (Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, etc). This is part of how we are helping artists spread at Klezma.

This is what we at Klezma like to call: a win-win 🤘🏾.

Here is everything you need to know about Bosa and the Waya Collection 👇

Who is Bosa aka Stephan Jacobs? 👨‍🎤

Stephan Jacobs (aka Bosa)

­With nearly 150,000 followers on Soundcloud, Stephan Jacobs (aka Bosa) has established himself as one of the most innovative producers and independent artists in electronic music.

He has worked with A$AP Rocky, Brockhampton, Run The Jewels, Benny Benassi, Showtek, Emancipator, Run DMT, Ill-Gates, James Zabiela, DVBBS, Martin Garrix, and Griz. and more.

Stephan has a hefty resume under his belt for programming shows and running music on some of the largest concerts, worldwide.

Supercool. So what about this 🔥 drop?

The collection has each part of the music video in the form of 157 digital collectibles broken into 3 categories with each unique collectible being a 1/1:

1) 111 Wayha Art NFTs (Still Image) - 30 USD (approx .025 ETH)

2) 33 Wayha Fisheye View NFTS (Still Image) - 40 USD (approx .03 ETH)

3) 13 Music Video NFTs (Visuals + Sound) - 50 USD (approx .04 ETH)

Each collector gets access to the private Wayha Launch party in LA where Stephan will perform, but depending on what category you collect from, you will get more VIP access.

Perks of NFTs

157 (all) - Access to private party

33 Fisheye - A Chance to win 1 hour Masterclass / virtual meeting with Bosa.

(13) Video NFTs - A Chance to spend day with Bosa in the studio.

In addition to that, all collectors will also get future VIP access to all things Bosa.

The public drop will be January 3rd, 2023.

Click 👉here to add it to your calendar and see the collection details👈

Bosa will also be giving away free collectibles via socials. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to see daily giveaways.

As someone who has dreamed of something like this for the past 15 years, I personally cannot wait and am very proud of our team.


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