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Yupdate 4/2/21: Rebrand, Web App updates, and NFTs!

Hey Yupster,

This week we're showcasing our new logo, updates to Web App feeds and UI, and a new way of highlighting NFTs. Let's dive right in 🏊.

Product Updates:

Yup Rebrand 

We're thrilled to announce the new face of Yup 😁. Many expressions and colors, one collective. Keep an eye out for this one; you'll see it all over the place in the next few days 👀.

Web App Updates:


We've updated our Web App feeds to balance recent and influential content more dynamically ⚖️. The result is fresher and higher quality feeds. Search through them to find NFTs, tweets, articles, etc., blowing up in the last day or hour. 

Cleaner and Leaner

The new sidebar and content cards make it easier to browse through posts and navigate our Web App features 🏄‍♂️. Through fancy styling techniques, posts are more clearly demarcated and "pop" a bit more, and the sidebar aggregates the features of the Web App all in one place. 


The community does such a good job of curating content, our job is to just get out of the way. With that in mind, here are the top NFTs of the week according to Yup feeds. If you like the content you see, click here to subscribe to our weekly NFT newsletter 🙂.


❤️  99   🌸  99   🦄  99


❤️  99   🌸  99   🦄  99


❤️  99   🌸  99   🦄  99

Thanks for tuning into another Yupdate. See you all in the next one ✌️!

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