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Announcing TeamDiff ⚔️

diff (n.) - (between two people) difference in skill, usually playing the same character or position

A decentralized fantasy esports game and trading card collection - build your “team diff”

Why we’re doing this

NFTs are really fucking cool. To date, most projects have figured out the ownership and collectibility side of NFTs, but the user experience is generally one-dimensional — you can’t do much with them yet.

Any digital item or file can be represented as an NFT, but we are primarily seeing simple images minted as tokens. Taking inspiration from the likes of Axie Infinity, we built a simple game that can be understood by anyone. All you need to play it are trading card NFTs.

  • Collectibility + Utility: Wouldn’t it have been nice to pick a Tom Brady or Joe Namath rookie card up when it wasn’t worth very much? Truly. Unfortunately, trading cards just collect dust and take up space when they’re not being admired or flipped. NFTs allow a collectible item to serve a dual purpose in another context, like (fantasy) gaming.
  • Ownership + Security: A huge benefit of blockchain is “removing the middle man”. Platform-based games are subject entirely to the will of the game developer. We’re looking to change the narrative here and put the power back into the hands of the players. Our ultimate goal is full transparency. All game mechanics are verifiably on-chain — smart contracts can objectively determine a winner and payouts based on specifications given when the league is created.
  • Financial upside: Not only do you have the ability to win pooled tokens (USDC), but your TeamDiff NFTs have value as collectibles. Over time, a lump of coal can turn into a diamond.

There’s so much potential there, and we’re just scratching the surface with one of our core technologies: proxy smart contracts.

Instead of interacting directly with the implementation (main) contract, users have an extra layer of customization with a proxy (upgradeable) contract.

Through proxies, each league inherits base game mechanics from the implementation contract, such that each league is individually fully on-chain — league members interact only with their league(s), not any they aren’t a part of.

More on those later.

Who would want to play this?


Though our genesis collection tracks the LCS, TeamDiff V1 is a trial run for an on-chain fantasy engine. We’re looking for gamers, fantasy nerds, and the crypto-curious. When it comes time for our NFT drop, we’ll post a step-by-step guide on how to mint a starter pack.

⚙️ How it Works

🎴 Collect

Mint a free starter pack and build your dream roster of Tier 1 Esports athletes from your favorite teams in the LCS. If you’re late to the mint, or want more cards, you’ll be able to buy on the secondary market on your choice of NFT marketplace.

📝 Create

Create or join a fantasy league - up to 8 players per league. The creator of the league can set an optional buy-in with USDC, distributed to the winner(s) of the league at the end of the season.

⚔️ Compete

Set a roster weekly with your NFT cards and compete head-to-head against other players in your league to win pooled tokens (and/or bragging rights).

The TeamDiff Genesis starter pack will be a free mint, so you can try it out free of charge when we drop. You’ll be able to open your pack and reveal 5 cards one week after mint.

We’re on Polygon so you’ll be able to see your TeamDiff starter pack on any one of your favorite NFT marketplaces. That said, supply is limited, so shoot for a spot on our allowlist or get lucky during the public mint window 😉

What’s next?

We’ve been working hard (and stealthily) to bring you a game immediately following the initial NFT drop. Beyond the initial game, our team has lots of ideas. Tracking the LCS Summer split with TeamDiff Genesis is just our MVP.

Some ideas for the future:

  • Upgradeable and customizable athlete NFTs
  • Customizable game mechanics, side quests, and flexibility to support more games
  • Potential partnerships with game studios and creators

For now, see you on the waitlist. Drop your ENS in the typeform for a surprise 😉

Thank YOU

If you’ve read this far, you’re gmi. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of friends and early supporters.

Feedback is HUGE for the future of this project, and we looking forward to building with all of you to make our contracts, and game, even better. Hit us up anytime via discord, email, or in the Twitter DMs.