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An In-depth Guide to Airdrop Farming on LayerZero

In recent times, LayerZero has become a buzzword within the airdrop hunting community. Its significant investment backing from large funds and the recently revealed information about the project's token has sparked widespread interest. But what exactly is LayerZero? How can one participate in its airdrop? This article will unravel these questions and provide you with an in-depth understanding of LayerZero and its airdrop process.

Overview of LayerZero

LayerZero is a cross-chain infrastructure protocol with a new Omnichain Dapps (odApps) form. LayerZero's architecture allows developers to easily create odApps, like developing dApps for single networks like Ethereum or Polygon, while leveraging aggregation across networks.

LayerZero boasts investments from significant funds such as a16z, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, etc., so the project will have enough financial potential to conduct a large airdrop for users and distribute to other projects. In addition, a piece of project code contains information about a strange token called ZRO, which will most likely be the primary token of LayerZero.

Considering the above factors, LayerZero is the ideal choice for airdrop hunters to profit from airdrops. It offers the promise of accessibility, backed by significant financial power, and the potential excitement of a new primary token. LayerZero is well-positioned to become a preferred destination for airdrop farming in the crypto space.


Preparing for The LayerZero Airdrop FarmingDownload and install Metamask Extension Wallet

First, you need to download your MetaMask wallet.

After that, you must create Optimism, ETH, Arbitrum, and Aptos wallets to start bridging


Maximizing Airdrop Potential

Combining your airdrop farming efforts can significantly increase your chances of success. LayerZero isn't the only opportunity on the horizon; several other projects can be undertaken concurrently, multiplying the potential rewards. For instance, you can pair LayerZero with tasks like the Stargate mission on Optimism Quest, the trading task with Arbitrum on Layer3, and activities on Guild.xyz.

The key to effective airdrop farming is efficiency. Complete the basic activation steps for each project to get your tasks up and running. This approach helps minimize your airdrop-related costs and saves time. By spreading your net wide and making strategic choices, you can optimize your airdrop hunting efforts and potentially enjoy multiple rewards.

Airdrop Farming on LayerZero

Bridge on Stargate

Stargate is the first task on Optimism Quest. This platform enables you to participate in a general airdrop by transferring over 100 USDC through its advanced bridge. One end of this network must be connected to the Optimism protocol.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of Stargate (stargate.finance) and connect the wallet

Step 2: Select USDC as the convertible asset with the amount of 101 USDC if you want to coordinate the airdrop with Optimism Quest.

Step 3: Select Approve. The transaction will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Stake and Vote on Stargate

To stake and vote on the Stargate community, we must own a certain amount of STG tokens (about ~20 USD) using DEXs like Uniswap and Slingshot to swap or transfer tokens from CEX exchanges.

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After that, you must stake as follows:

Step 1: Access the Stake section of Stargate and connect to the network containing the purchased STG token.

Step 2: Enter the amount of STG to stake and the lock period. The lock-stake period lasts from 1-35 months. The longer you lock, the higher the value of votes expressed in veSTG.

Step 3: Check the transaction information and select Create Stake.

After successful staking, you will be redirected to the Your Stake section. The system will show the number of tokens you are staking with the value of your vote; choose Vote on Snapshot.

Step 4: Select Join to join Stargate DAO.

Bridge on Liquidswap

Liquidswap is a product on the Pontem Network's Aptos network with a bridge using LayerZero's technology. Pontem Network also receives inflows from significant investment funds and has yet to issue tokens. Thus, when trading through the bridge on Liquidswap, we can use "one arrow to hit two airdrop targets."

Step 1: Access the Bridge section on Liquidswap (liquidswap.com) and connect to the wallet with the corresponding output network. The article will use Arbitrum as an example.

Step 2: Select the asset type and enter the number of assets to transfer the network. You should transfer assets of about 10 USD or more.

Step 3: Select Transfer to transfer assets.


  • Transferring assets from blockchain-powered EVM to Aptos will take a few minutes.

  • Transferring assets from Aptos to EVM blockchain will take approximately 3 days.

  • Like Liquidswap, on the Aptos ecosystem we have the Aptos Bridge (theaptosbridge.com) with similar usage. You can choose the product you want to use.

Swap on Aries Markets

Aries Markets is also one of LayerZero's partners with mainnet on Aptos, so we can interact with the product to increase our chances of receiving an airdrop from LayerZero.

Aries Markets also has a lending feature, but this article will use swap because this feature is simpler and more novice-friendly.

** Step 1:** Access the Swap section on Aries Markets (app.ariesmarkets.xyz/swap) and connect the wallet of the Aptos network.

Step 2: Select the coin/token pair and enter the amount you want to make the transaction. It is recommended to choose the pair zUSDC or zUSDT - APT to make trades.

The system will choose a liquidity path for users so that they can receive the maximum amount of assets. However, users can optionally use other options.

**Step 3: Select Swap. **

**Some Prominent Names using LayerZero’s technology **You can still experience other projects in the LayerZero ecosystem, such as Hashflow, Rage Trade, Angle Protocol, Mugen Finance, Radiant Capital, etc for a higher chance of receiving airdrops.


Projects like LayerZero with substantial financial backing and a need to issue tokens often opt for airdrops as part of their strategy. The likelihood of such an event is relatively high, especially in the case of LayerZero, considering its influential investors and the potential ZRO token.

Now is the time for action frens. Becoming an early contributor to LayerZero doesn't just mean supporting an innovative project; it also provides a unique opportunity to profit from a future airdrop potentially.

By aligning ourselves with LayerZero at this stage, we enhance our chances of being part of this potentially rewarding venture. Let's seize the moment and leap into the promising world of LayerZero.

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