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Make Friends, Not FOMO

v0.7.2 Firefly App Updates: Farcaster feed, Lens free collects, and friends, lots of new friends.

Web3 is more than a $ number.

Let's make more art.

Let's play more games.Let's have more fun.

Let's Make Friends, Not FOMO #MFNF

a collectible call-to-action

Web3 is more than number $ go up. We are more than a $ price. And, we are more than a couple of key trades to get access to supposed friend’s in-groups.

Web3 is community. We are tech lovers, freedom fighters, art creators, meme lords, and a whole lot more. We prefer open over closed, humans over corporations, and rights over limits.


To fulfill this mission, Firefly is adding new decentralized networks and tools for both freedom and fun to cross the chasm from Web2 deep down this beautiful rabbit hole.

Here are some of the latest features for freedom and fun ;)

  • Free Collects on Lens

  • Farcaster Feed

  • Explore safely (spam prevention tools)

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Free Collects in Lens

For Lens protocol’s v2 launch, we added the ability to mint free Lens post collectibles.

The launch was announced with our “Make Friends, Not FOMO” #MFNF campaign.

Collect of any #MFNF post from @fireflyapp on Lens to instantly become a Firefly member and skip our 50k person waitlist.

With over 1500 collectors of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd #MFNF collectible posts, new touch grass 🫳🌿 lovers are joining Firefly daily.


Did we mention a few have Tamagotchi vibes <3<3<3

Already a Firefly app user? Open up the Lens feed or view anyone’s profile page to jump in on the Lens collect action. For those of you who are longtime crypto users, you’ll love the gasless or signatureless experience on Lens.

Farcaster Feed

Over 3,000 people Welcomed Farcaster to Firefly’s app on Permissionless Day for their “sufficiently decentralized social network”. Anyone can now explore a dedicated activity feed for Farcaster and cast or cross-post at will in our app.

Tweet, Post, Cast, & Cross-Post to

To celebrate the integration, we launched our first collab membership NFT that allowed the 3075 collectors to skip our 50k+ person waitlist and enter the Firefly’s app.


Collectors of this NFT instantly became members of Firefly’s app just like anyone who claimed a Firefly Pass membership. This means there are now two ways to join Firefly’s app:

  1. Sign-up for the waitlist to claim a Firefly Pass.

  2. Collect any Firefly collab membership NFT with partner communities like Farcaster and our recent “Make Friends, Not FOMO” #MFNF posts on Lens. The time period to collect these NFTs is limited so follow @thefireflyapp on X or @fireflyapp on Lens and Farcaster to never miss a mint.

Explore Safely

From email and tweets to airdrops and Web3 social networks, spam is everywhere.

This is why we’ve upgraded our NFT feeds and user reputation systems to spot fraud and spam before you see it. But we know no spam prevention system is perfect. Report spam or other issues directly in the app.

Explore Safely & Report Spam

That’s it tech lovers and freedom fighters. More #MFNF collectible post on Lens to drop soon. Collect to become a Firefly member.

Let’s make more friends, not FOMO.

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