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Introducing Custom Allowlists

Today, we’re updating our upload flow to make it easier for artists to customize their presale allow lists.

We originally launched presales so artists can reward their collectors with presale access. We received feedback that artists wanted more flexibility when choosing which collectors to include in the allowlist.

Artists can still easily add all their collectors, but now they have the flexibility to add collectors by release, by artist, or by manually inputting wallet addresses.

Importantly, you can now add collectors from songs you didn’t upload and artists you haven’t (yet) worked with. Music is collaborative and web3 is composable – these are key ideals that Sound strives to consistently reflect in our product. Introduce your music to the collectors of your favorite artists.

Adding collectors by release

You can continue to add all of your collectors by selecting “All Your releases”.

Now, you can add collectors of drops that you collaborated on by selecting “All your collaborations”.

You can also add collectors for specific releases – including ones from other artists on Sound.

Add collectors from all your releases or from specific releases

Adding collectors from other artists

With this update, you can add collectors from other artists to your allowlist.

If you collaborated with other artists on Sound on your release, easily add their collectors to the allowlist. Even if you didn’t, expand your collector base by offering presale to collectors of other artists.

Add collectors from other artists on Sound

Manually adding wallet addresses

Continue to add specific wallet addresses that you want to include in the allowlist, either by manually pasting in wallet addresses or uploading a CSV.

Now, you can add a brief description of why you’re adding these addresses (eg, if you’re adding your collectors from a drop you did outside of Sound).

Manually add wallet addresses to the allowlist

Summary of allowlist eligibility on the song page

We’ve also added a more transparent summary of the allowlist to the song page. As a listener, you can view details to see which collectors were added to the allowlist by the artist.

If the artist manually added wallet addresses and included a description, you’ll see that in the summary.

You can also download a full list of the wallet addresses in the allowlist.

View allowlist eligibility on the song page

We’re excited to see how artists use this tool to both reward their existing collectors and grow their reach by introducing their music to other collectors.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Custom Allowlists.