Linea Recap

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The Linea Voyage | Wave 4: Lending and Borrowing

Welcome to Linea Voyage DeFi

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1/ Getting Started

Read about Token Swaps!

2/ Core Tasks

Borrow at least $25 worth of ETH/WETH in one transaction on Linea from any of the apps

Here is the list:

  • Make sure the selected network is Linea.

  • Choose the token to lend from - any of the tokens available on the app.

  • Collateralize the supplied token. You may have to lend more than 25 $ to be able to borrow a sufficient amount.

  • PS: If you lend a stablecoin, your first bonus task also gets verified. If you choose an LST token to lend, your second bonus task also gets verified.

  • Borrow at least $25 worth of ETH/WETH from the selected partner in one single transaction.

  • Ensure that you are getting at least $25 worth of this new token post-slippage.

3/ Bonus Tasks

You can read the bonus tasks below and watch the instructions to get more points