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Posted on Mar 11, 2022Read on Mirror.xyz

Introducing Duality Focus

Today, we are excited to announce Duality Focus: a money market where Uniswap V3 liquidity positions are accepted as collateral. Focus allows V3 range holders to borrow stablecoins and other assets while continuing to earn fees, increasing net borrowing power and capital efficiency.

On top of this core functionality, we’ve built best-in-class position management features. For example, those confident in their range selections can "focus" their position, instantly borrowing assets and deploying them into the same range. This happens atomically - one click and your range is now earning fees with leverage.

Our full list of LP management features includes:

  • Focus: One-click borrowing and depositing into a collateral range
  • Repay: One-click unwinding of debt - pay from your wallet or directly from a collateral range, can be used to unwind a focused position
  • Compound: One-click compounding of collected fees into the range itself
  • Move: One-click moving of a collateral V3 range to new ticks, without debt repayment

We utilize deferred liquidity checks so the user can do the above without extra steps like supplying additional collateral or repaying debt.

We’ll be launching Focus V1 in a few weeks. V1 is an early, unaudited beta, with the following restrictions:

  • Polygon only - for a beta release, we found it to be the most widely accessible option with sufficient Uniswap V3 liquidity
  • Supply and borrow caps on ERC-20 funds
  • Whitelist of supported Uniswap V3 pools as collateral
  • “Move” functionality will not be immediately supported on frontend

Future frontend and product updates will follow - we plan to support every chain Uniswap V3 is deployed on. We're very excited about the potential of focused ranges to push active LP management to new heights.

Stay focused, my frens

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Today, our top priority is building Focus to empower Uniswap V3 LPs through capital efficiency and position management.

But we have bigger plans. Much of the future of DeFi will be driven by three sectors: AMMs, on-chain derivatives, and structured products. Each of these areas are primed for massive growth:

  1. New AMMs are bootstrapping nascent DeFi ecosystems on every Layer 1 and Layer 2. In parallel, we are seeing rapid innovation in AMM design.
  2. Crypto derivative markets are still tiny compared to spot markets, considering the equivalent ratio in TradFi. We expect this ratio to grow by several orders of magnitude.
  3. Where there are successful derivatives, there are structured products. They are a perfect example of DeFi’s transparent, permissionless composability, and ideas like option vaults have shown that structured products can have massive product-market fit.

At Duality, we see many opportunities to build within and across these spaces. We’re looking to create sustainable, unquestionably useful DeFi products - something we don’t see enough of today. If you’re a bold and curious crypto native, we want you in our community. Join us in building a lasting DeFi legacy.

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