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Collect Writing NFTs

Browse Writing NFTs

All entries on Mirror will be collectable Writing NFTs by default. As a reader, you’ll be able to become a collector and directly support your favorite writers on Mirror.

There are dozens of entries already available to collect. Take a look at the brand new leaderboard to see writing by top web3 writers!

Become a Collector

Writing NFTs are minted as Ethereum L2 assets on the Optimism network. As a result, you’ll first need to get some Optimism ETH (oETH) via a bridge protocol. One option is Optimism’s official bridge ( It should cost around $2 to bridge and take just 2 to 3 minutes.

In preparation for the launch, we recommend using Mirror’s Birdge Pass NFT. This will convert mainnet ETH into Optimism oETH, and also give you a cool NFT!

Once you have oETH, you can navigate to your favorite Mirror entry and just click collect.

If you find an entry you love but doesn’t have an option to collect, we encourage you to send a note to the writer. Feel free to share the Writing NFT minting guide to help them as well, it just takes a couple of minutes to make the entry collectable!

Displaying Your Collection

Every Writing NFT you collect through Mirror will be added to your personal collection. This collection will be public and signal to others your advocacy, support, and interests. You can view your own collection by going to

Similarly, you can view the collections of other writers and creators on Mirror by navigating to their subdomain and the corresponding “Collection” tab./

In addition, you can directly navigate to someones collection by appending “/collection” to any project’s subdomain. For example, you can view Packy’s collection at:

Become a Curator

Collecting Writing NFTs is not just a way to support writers, but a way to curate the top writing on Mirror. If you are an expert, or becoming one, we encourage you to not just collect, but also curate.

How? Go to the collections of your favorite writers and see what they’ve collected—They might just have collected Writing NFTs relevant to your interests.

Sold Out?

Collections often have a limited supply and may be sold out. If a collection is sold out, you can head over to any Optimism NFT market and purchase the Writing NFT there.

You can find the link to Quixotic Optimism NFT market by clicking on “View on Marketplace” in the entry’s main page.