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Posted on Feb 15, 2022Read on Mirror.xyz

A World On-Chain: Going Down the RabbitHole

We are entering a world on-chain.

The digital world is being rearchitected in real time with the continued evolution of blockchain technology. Slowly, and then seemingly all at once, new methods for commerce and coordination will be introduced to the online ecosystem, showing the power of what can be done in networks when contribution and behavioral data are on-chain, user-controlled, and public. 

In today’s world, our digital experiences are managed and owned by a select few. “Users” leverage these platforms, but the influence, ownership and management is outside their responsibility and control. Tomorrow’s world looks to move users to contributors, putting more value in the hands of those who commit their time, energy and passion to bettering this ecosystem. It will change how we work, participate and truly live online. This is the promise of web3, but in order to navigate the bridges (protocols) and tunnels (dApps) of this new world, we believe there needs to be a guide. Enter RabbitHole.

The contributor economy.

RabbitHole onboards contributors into web3.  As web3 protocols and applications look for the best contributors and participants to unlock the power of their technology, RabbitHole creates a two-sided marketplace: on one side are companies recruiting for the right skillset and on the other are individuals looking to acquire & compound skills to bring more value and opportunity in their online lives.

Web3 is a new foundation, where construction of labor and participation is not just about what you say, but what you do. In working with Brian and the RabbitHole team, it’s clear that the mission around making web3 more accessible and comprehensible is a unique and admirable approach to onboarding the rest of the web. RabbitHole has the opportunity to set forth a more meritocratic approach to working and earning online. 

As of today, RabbitHole is the market leader in onboarding individuals into web3, providing the largest user acquisition funnels for protocols and applications like Aave, ENS, Polygon, Graph, and Uniswap. As the web3 labor economy becomes more robust, RabbitHole will curate these opportunities based on provable learnings that match skill workers with the right networks and opportunities. By doing this, we believe the platform can become one of the largest talent allocators on the Internet.

We are thrilled to announce we’ve co-led the Series A in RabbitHole alongside Greylock to support Brian and the RabbitHole team on their quest to drive adoption, knowledge and a more equitable ecosystem throughout web3. We’re grateful to be joined by other incredible firms and friends around the table — Electric Capital, Chapter One, and others — who will help us achieve this mission. Lastly, RabbitHole is hiring! If you want to help see this vision become a reality, read more from Brian here.


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