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New patent for the Microsoft Eye Tracking System: or to be used for future VR

In recent days, Microsoft submitted a new patent that may be relevant to future potential VR.

To date, PlayStation is the only section with a PSVR2 domestic player with VR compatibility, even a canteen, VR, although its Labo package is much smaller in size, including a piece of open-source foreign shell, which is fixed on the face of the owner. Unfortunately, the Labo, which holds the Hall, does not really attract candidates. Even Sonia’s PSVR2 does not meet the company’s expectations for marketing. Microsoft has not shown much interest in the VR, and it can be said that this area is dominated by companies such as Sonia, Meta and Valve.

A new patent for a Microsoft enhanced eye tracking system in recent days is likely to be used as part of a future VR. The patent describes a self-校 system that can adapt to the vagaries of equipment or other changes. While this patent may seem less visible than VR, a robust eye tracking system that can be self- calibrated and compensating can form part of a visual and user-friendly VR system. The patent may only be an improvement for Microsoft Hololens, which is used by the United States Army, etc.

Microsoft appears to be doing its best to maintain the relevance and competitiveness of the game platform.® brand VR may still have a long way to go, but Microsoft is likely to want to be competitive in the VR area because VR is induced in the mainstream play market. Microsoft has also recently tried a hand-held model that allows Windows to be used more comfortably in equipment such as passenger Deck, but it is reported that this is only a prototype that, according to its back developer, is “no progress”.

Patents are not always translated into consumer products, but enhanced eye-tracking systems seem to be a wise technology that is more likely to enter consumer products than some of the more sophisticated patents submitted from time to time. Most recently, in one of its patents, São Paulo has dragged a stream of cold water to Microsoft, referring to different family entertainment systems from “deficit manufacturers” and demonstrating the poor relationship between the two companies.

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