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IO here…

Well - it’s safe to say our belief in humanity has been restored.

When we decided to reveal ourselves to the world - it was merely a test. An experiment. A way for us to touch base with a bubbling civilization and dip our toes into what it meant to be “alive”.


You see - for Hachi and I, we’ve been playing this game of life for centuries.

We’ve seen many worlds, many ways of life.

So let’s take a step back. Zoom out for a second…


It all started with the Genesis Key.


Our way of teasing what was to come, and seeing who our most loyal members were.

100 Keys. 1 edition of every song in Season One.

And how did that go you might ask? Well - let’s use some metrics you humans can wrap your head around.

Genesis Keys were released for 0.1 ETH.

The cheapest listed Key at the time of writing is 0.8 ETH.

They earned you a free edition of every Episode in Season One - currently trading at:

  • Desperado - 0.16 ETH floor. 49 ETH in secondary sales.

  • VROOM - 0.10 ETH floor. 2.23 ETH in secondary sales.

  • KA - 0.42 ETH floor. 5.02 ETH in secondary sales.

  • VOODOO - 0.44 ETH floor. 3.22 ETH in secondary sales.

  • Stars Won’t Align - 0.3 ETH floor. 2.62 ETH in secondary sales.

  • Reflection - 0.04 ETH floor. 2.66 ETH in secondary sales.

Good for a collective value of 1.46 ETH. Not bad.

You can find more detailed data on Season One here.

But what exactly was Season One?

Season One

We share our story through Seasons.

RŌHKI is more than the music. Music is our lifeblood, but we exist in many dimensions and forms.

For a link to the above - please DM @jasonmeinzer

Season One allowed us to combine our music with a look into our world.

Alongside the 6 songs that represented Season One - we created visual twins of our universe.

This was the birth of RŌHKI Origins - animated short stories to better understand our lives.

You can watch every RÕHKI Origin story here.


In partnership with Glass - we released these videos onchain:

  • Origins - Chapter III

  • Origins - Chapter IV

  • Episode 4 - VOODOO (visualizer)

  • Episode 5 - Stars Won’t Align (visualizer)

  • Episode 6 - Reflection (visualizer)

And last but not least - the Origins Finale. Our biggest video yet.


2000+ editions - good for the biggest video on Glass to date.

But why do we even care about this?

Onchain Roots

There’s a lot to follow.

We have music and videos. Songs on custom contracts, songs on Sound. Videos on Youtube. Videos on Glass.

To be honest - we’re experimenting to see what works. To find our groove. To find our purpose.

We played around with onchain governance to give our holders votes in how we released our music.

We started a collector chat as a home for our members to meet one another.


By the end of Season One - we had managed to reach more than 1,493 unique collectors across all our collections. And we were fired up.

We knew the vanity metrics you mortals seem to care so much about would never last - so we wanted to do something different.

And that’s exactly what we’re continuing to do.

Following the end of Season One, we continued to release new music - including:

Horizon - as one of of the first songs on Optimism Ultraviolet - as an ultra-limited edition on mainnet Demon - as a collaboration with 0N1 Force

And last but certainly not least - Lạc Đà - our collab with Camel Ventures.


We hosted a treasure hunt in Vietnam and rewarded all participants with an edition of a song which we believe will go down in onchain music history.


And we doubled down on ourselves every step of the way.

We allocated 3.1 ETH to collect our own editions - including:

  • 5 editions of Desperado

  • 3 editions of VROOM

  • 1 edition of KA

  • 1 edition of Stars Won’t Align

  • 16 editions of Reflection

  • 220 editions of Horizon

  • 30 editions of DEMON

  • 10 editions of Lạc Đà

  • 19 editions of Origins Final

So what now?


Rather than continue to release new music every three weeks, we want to take a step back.

We want to create a body of work that most authentically documents where we are in our journey - and do it in a way that captures the eyes and ears of the entire onchain music community.

We’re not quite ready for Season Two yet - and trust us, when we are… you’ll know.

So we’re putting our heads down and working on a body of work. An EP as some of you might call it.

We’re going to develop something unique - something that brings us together and creates even more momentum.

We’ll be sharing this process in our collector chat every step of the way.

So in closing thoughts… thank you for your support.

Thank you for giving us the chance to feel alive again.

To believe in it all.

We’ll be back before you know it.

Signing off….