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v1 Launch x3

Today we’re announcing the Relay v1 update, a refresh of existing products and introduction of a new one, Relay Robot. As a lineup, our products serve to activate and connect every address in the EVM worlds, throughout the ENS and Lens namespace.

Relay’s products — Robot, Receiver, Recon — each give users more power and choice in how they communicate and interact with all web3 users, personas, and companies—any address at all.

Recon is the registry, a directory of curated valuable addresses to discover and have on hand. The address book of web3.

Receiver is the universal inbox for wallet messaging, a conduit between addresses that lives on (and is also open-source for any site to add).

Robot is a machine, the agent, the utilization of a burgeoning new technology, coming into the crypto space and changing the way we interact with chains and apps.

In sum, these products make Relay the intersection of people, addresses, and purposes as the web3 nexus.

What will happen when every entity has an address?

Person. Business. Wallet. Contract. AI.

Relay is about connecting addresses in the decentralized web and making it easy for people to find, learn about, and communicate with addresses that bring them value. In all situations, Relay has users covered.

Relay Receiver: Web3 Messaging

The heart of Relay’s offering—what we spent 2022 building—is Receiver, our end-to-end encrypted, fully decentralized (via XMTP), and open-source wallet messaging widget. ENS, Lens, and 0x addresses all are compatible to message each other, making Relay a universal solution for web3 communication. It’s also how we establish user communications for the apps in Recon, and the means by which users talk with Relay Robot.

The magical part is that Receiver is one of many XMTP clients, so users of it can message anyone on many different apps, including Orb on Lens, and Converse or Installing theis

For developers, we invite you to install it on your site with a few lines of React code or signup for an integration call with us.

Relay Recon: The Web3 Registry

We understand that in order to fully unlock the potential of the decentralized web, it’s essential to have an up-to-date, accurate directory of apps and how to reach them. By our count there are over 1500 quality apps in the EVM world that people need to know about, and that number has been growing exponentially. For each one Relay will verify and connect their ENS for prospective users to discover, message and onboard.

Recon has over 600 curated companies and apps, including important sections of ImpactDAOs, DeFi, Lens, Music, Infrastructure, Venture Capital, and Eth Events.

This puts us in the unfortunate situation of being a centralized gatekeeper for companies and their verified ENS. So we are currently in the Tableland Pilot Program to experiment with dynamic data and decentralized access control for the data and credentials attached to each company address. The bright side of this type of centralization is that Recon is the perfect candidate for a small public good “hyperstructure”—with protocol income potentially coming from web3 attribution solutions such as Spindl.

Classic dapps and new contenders

Relay Robot: The Future of Support and Education

Launching today, our OpenAI agent solution brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to customer support, onboarding and education in the decentralized web. Trained on the documentation of the most influential web3 apps, our Robots are project experts that field users questions on-demand.

Developers can ask away, too. Relay Robot can ingest, analyze, and output code, meaning it can provide SDK code assistance to developers (note: code analysis is in beta, please signup for the waitlist here).

Learning about Uniswap v3

We’re very excited about Robot, and pushing the limits of the new LLM technology stack—OpenAI, GPT Index, and LangChain—while giving it the expertise and capability to access a user’s crypto tokens in order to help them with onchain transactions.

Empowering your web3 persona

Relay is building the web3 stack for everyone, open-source and in the open. Our suite of products is designed to work together, seamlessly connecting addresses and adding new possibilities to what you can do when you connect a wallet to a site. Relay ensures users won’t struggle to find the right address, learn about an address, or communicate with an address ever again.

So go discover Recon, message with Receiver, and learn about the web3 world through Robot.

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