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Ammalgam Pre-Seed Funding Announcement

Ammalgam unleashes more DeFi by combining lending and trading into one protocol.  This combination composes yield sources, simultaneously improving capital efficiency and unlocking unlimited strategies for market makers. Permission-less pairwise lending empowers traders to short anything, taking DeFi beyond what has been possible before.

We are excited to announce that Ammalgam closed a $750,000 pre-seed funding round in Q3 2022 and has an experimental demo on testnet. The funding round is led by some of DeFi’s most influential participants and founders including:

Kain Warwick, Synthetix founder Anton, Sergej, & Mikhail, founders of 1Inch Robot Ventures - Robert Leshner, Compound founder & Tarun Chitra, Gauntlet founder Santiago R Santos Bodhi Ventures BootNode Marin Ventures Kevin Zhou Factor Zeal Capital

Special thanks to Kain's 2022 mentorship program, which accelerated our progress.

“The AMM design space is not yet fully explored, Ammalgam is an exciting new project optimizing capital efficiency for LP’s” - Kain Warwick.

LPs can now earn both lending and trading fees on all assets on one protocol while improving capital efficiency and enabling virtually unlimited strategies for quants and degens. Multiple example payout curves are unpacked below.

Ammalgam’s design significantly reduces the costs of Delta Neutral Market Making. Users can modify delta risk by borrowing a portion of assets provided to an AMM. Ammalgam allows debt to be issued directly from the AMM pool, reducing the cost to the spread between supply and borrow rates and relieving borrowers from paying the full rate.

Through Leveraged Market Making, users can generate similar yields and risks to concentrated liquidity.

Long Straddles allow users to create Impermanent Gain by borrowing in units of the invariant, K from the AMM formula X * Y = K. This enables arbitrageurs to borrow liquidity from our protocol and deploy it to other AMM’s where swap rates may be higher. Through this arbitrage, our protocol balances rates with the market and thus acts as a liquidity aggregator.

Long Straddles allow users to create Impermanent Gain by borrowing in units of the invariant, K

Leveraged Impermanent Gain

While Uniswap V3 introduced concentrated liquidity for improved capital efficiency, many passive LPs were unaware of the additional compounded risk of impermanent loss. Ammalgam offers tools for LPs to better understand the risks of their positions. Our charts show the impact of both price changes and the earned or spent fees on a position over time.

Market making risk is better understood when including the dimension of time to a payout curve.

Combining lending and trading into one protocol unlocks an unparalleled set of tools for traders and enhanced yields for market makers. Traders can short and long anything without the limitations of allowlists and governance. Market Makers optimize returns getting both swap fees and lending fees. We are proud to offer more DeFi than any other protocol.

"Since ETH Denver 2022, Ammalgam has spent time doing careful research and analysis of constant function market makers and other trading mechanisms. We're excited to see them launch and give traders the flexibility they need in this ever more complex and competitive environment on-chain" Tarun Chitra

The Protocol will launch to Mainnet Soon™.  Follow Ammalgam on twitter, join our community in Discord, and visit us online at