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🚀veDAO Financing Daily News 02/12/2023

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Amount: $3 million

Number of rounds: Series A

Date: February 12, 2023

Investment Institution: Not disclosed

Keyword: Staking Services

Project Description: MoodMiner is a platform that makes it simple for customers to stake cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users can start with 1 EUR and choose from over 100 digital assets such as Polkadot, Cardano, and Elrond. Anyone can use MoodMiner to generate passive income through staking. Users can use the platform to buy specific tokens or transfer them to their wallets. Then, as a daily reward, it employs the power of blockchain protocols to generate additional coins in users' balances. Participants can earn money directly from their wallets by delegating.

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【2】Partior (Disclosure of Funded Projects)

Amount: $31 million

Number of rounds: Series A

Date: November 3, 2022

Investment Institution: Standard Chartered Bank led by Temasek, DBS Bank, JPMorgan Chase

Keyword: Polka Parallel Chain

Project Description: Partior is a payment clearing and settlement blockchain platform developed from the Ubin project partnership, created by J.P. Morgan, DBS and Temasek with the support of MAS to enable end-to-end atomic settlement of multiple currencies and to replace sequential methods of payment settlement. The platform aims to provide more efficient, reliable and secure digital clearing and settlement for global financial institutions by leveraging key advantages such as programmability, immutability and traceability, and the inherent characteristics of blockchain and distributed ledgers, and aims to address multi-currency and cross-border payment pain points.

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