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Community Curation Competition Results

We are thrilled to announce the winners from our first Community Curation Competition, who will each be receiving a 1 of 25 Gen 01 Haleek Maul Platinum NFT. In the spirit of Haleek’s music video production, we challenged the members of our Producer NFT community to produce a creative work of their own. Our goal was to uncover skills and talents within our grassroots community that we can utilize and involve in a more meaningful way as we continue to build and develop the DOOMSDAYX ecosystem.

As a team, we were overwhelmed by the degree of talent and creativity we saw in each submission, which made choosing two winners extremely difficult. With that being said, the winners of our Community Curation Competition and recipients of the two Haleek Maul Platinum NFTs are Poler and GopherTJ! They each took full advantage of the creative flexibility we offered and submitted next level projects that we want to showcase to the rest of the Web3 community.

GopherTJ’s submission was twofold. First, he developed a detailed proposal for DOOMSDAYX to implement a Scholarship Program for young, aspiring artists which we plan to build into our protocol. This program will serve as a branding and advertising tool for DOOMSDAYX supporting up-and-coming artists financially, while also creating utility for our community holders through access to curated pieces and a premium professional community.

Second, he decided to tap into his passion for art and music to share DOOMSDAYX with the entire Gainesville, FL community. He hand-painted a life-size mural of the DOOMSDAYX logo across a graffitied wall on the side of a major highway, and even included a QR code so that people can learn more about the project. The end-product is truly phenomenal.

Poler’s submission was also two-fold. Not only did she impress us with several beautiful and well-crafted pole dancing videos, but also with her own curated versions of our upcoming DOOMX PASS. Her idea was to create a DOOMSDAYX NFT that was made by the community for community, which aligns well with our community-centric philosophy. The first design was inspired by the original Gen 01 Haleek Maul NFTs and the second was more of a personal vision, but as you’ll see below both are of the highest professional quality. That is why we’ve actually reached out to her to help us design new versions of the DOOMX PASS as well, which we are super excited to share over the course of the next several weeks.

On behalf of the entire DOOMSDAYX team, we want to personally thank the 17 Producers who participated in the competition. @Quantman74, @Leggs, @Marcocasino, @InbesutaZ, @Garrss, @Seb, @Azagur, @Saku, @3iscuit, @BitBlunt.eth, @Catahoula, @Mitables, @SirDabsAlot, @Kiminoto, @Poler, @GopherTJ, and @Kirb_e – you guys have showed us what an amazing community we have so far, and we couldn’t be more excited to work and build alongside you guys moving forward.