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DFAres v0.1 Round 3 Wrapup

A recap of DFAres v0.1 Round 2: Kardashev 🔷


Submit round 3 player survey:


Open Ares Epic Mint Plugin in https://dfares.xyz/ to mint Ares Epic NFT. In this process, you need to input the main account, We will distribute bonus to your main account.

Specific ways to publish different prizes.

The center of the universe in Dark Forest Ares Round 3

1. Overview

DF ARES v0.1 Round 3 was held from  May.6, 2024, 3:00:00 PM (UTC+0) to May.28, 2024, 3:00:00 PM (UTC+0). This round last for 144 hours.

Round 3 Guide: Round 3 Guide

We notice that Zenbit VG DAO Participated in Dark Forest Ares Round 3 as a team.

Hope to see more teams participate in Dark Forest Ares Rounds. 🤠


2. Player survey

We will improve the game mechanics based on everyone's feedback.

Here is the player survey link:


3. Scoring & Rewards

NOTE: We will distribute ETH and USDC on Redstone Mainnet.

3.1 Artifacts NFT & Ares Epic NFT

You can send the artifacts to Spacetime Rip and withdraw artifacts. The artifacts NFT will be transferred from the game to your game address.

For Ares Epic NFT

step 1. open https://dfares.xyz/

step 2. open Ares Epic Mint plugin

step 3. input the main account (required) Input the name and team name (optional) NOTE: We will send the bonus to the main account provided here.

step 4. click [ mint Ares Epic] to mint Ares Epic NFT for you.

3.2 Ranking Bonus Pool

1536 USDC prize pool Distributed according to player ranking

Final Rank: Round 3 final rank

We will send the bonus to the main account you submit when mint Ares Epic NFT.

Please remember to mint Ares Epic NFT first 👨‍💻

3.3 Bounty Hunter Bonus

0.154 ETH in Bounty Hunter Plugin

Guide: 4.1 Plugin: Bounty Hunter

Don’t forget to withdraw ETH to your account.

3.3 DarkSea Market Bonus

0.01 ETH in Darksea Market Plugin

We have released the offer for purchasing 100 common artifacts (0.0001 ETH for each one ) during the game.

Don’t forget to unlist your artifacts in DarkSea Market. Don’t forget to withdraw ETH to your account.

3.4 social bonus pool

The social bonus pool (200 USDC) is distributed to friends who tweet about the DFAres event on Twitter.

Please DM DFArchon in Discord your burner wallet account

twitter handle are here:

@luisotravez_eth @koheingt @0xshora @lib_defi @shyampkira @cheng_weipeng @ZhangXiang_BIM @Rdy2B @Gink5814 @Fxxdao @Claude_Zheng @liheact @QuineRoss70314 @vclil @scsuab @davidryan59

Highlight: a very good writing !


Closing remarks

Please all players and contributors mint Ares Loot asap.

The round 3 bonus will be sent to main account soon.

Thank you for playing in Dark Forest Ares v0.1 Round 3 🔷

Hope to see you again in the next round !!

DFArchon Team