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The Great Speculative Exodus to Web3 Social

In the coming years, we're poised to witness a profound shift in the social media landscape, a phenomenon I refer to here as "The Great Speculative Exodus." This movement, which was initially sparked by the crypto market's speculative appeal, will rapidly evolve into a mass migration towards Web3 social platforms like Farcaster and Lens. The driving force behind this shift isn't just the potential for financial gains but also the unique experiences these platforms offer, particularly through community-driven token incentives and the innovative use of memecoins.

“The best memes are movements from somewhere to somewhere” - Jess Sloss, Seed Club

The Blur Effect: A Community-Driven Exodus

A prime example of this trend is Blur, a platform that has successfully leveraged community tokens to attract users away from established giants like OpenSea. By offering incentives that align with the interests of its community, Blur has managed to create a compelling ecosystem that rewards participation and engagement. This approach exemplifies how Web3 platforms can leverage tokenomics to build and sustain vibrant online communities.

The Rise of Memecoins: $POINTS and $DEGEN

Farcaster, a decentralized social network built on Ethereum, has been the playground for many new memecoins, $POINTS and $DEGEN for example, adding a new dimension of engagement and incentive within the platform. $POINTS, in particular, experienced a meteoric rise, surging over 2000% in just one day. These tokens represent more than just speculative assets; they are a testament to the power of community engagement and the new ways value can be created and shared in a decentralized environment.

“People want to be a part of inevitable momentum” - Jess Sloss, Seed Club

Speculative Features: The Engines of Web3 Speculation

The speculative allure of Web3 social platforms is significantly enhanced by specific features that enable various forms of speculation:

  • In-App Minting: Users can create and mint their own tokens within the platform, offering a direct way to participate in the crypto economy.

  • Post Minting: Similar to NFTs, posts or content can be minted, enabling ownership and trading of social media content as digital assets.

  • Live Onchain Activity with Social Context: Onchain actions like minting and trading are making their way into more and more social feeds, leveraging the profile data and social graphs of web3 social protocols to provide social context.

  • Tipping: Platforms allow users to tip content creators with crypto tokens, providing a direct monetary value to social interactions and content creation.

  • In-App Trading: Integration of trading features within the platform allows users to buy, sell, or trade tokens without leaving the app, keeping the user engaged within the ecosystem.

  • Channels for Specific Tokens/Trades: Dedicated channels or communities within these platforms where users can discuss specific tokens or trading strategies, fostering a community of shared financial interests.

These features not only provide the means for speculation but also cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where creativity, content, and community engagement are directly linked to financial incentives.

Encouraging Mass Migration to Web3 Social Platforms

The success of Blur and Farcaster suggests a blueprint for encouraging a broader migration to Web3 social platforms. By creating ecosystems where users are not just consumers of content but active participants and stakeholders, these platforms offer a more enriching and dynamic social experience. This paradigm shift is not merely about financial gains but about fostering a sense of community and belonging, where each member's contribution is recognized and valued.

The Future: Building Connected and Empowered Digital Worlds

Looking ahead, the focus of Web3 platforms will likely shift from purely financial incentives to a more holistic appreciation of their capabilities. The key to sustaining this exodus and attracting a larger audience will lie in the ability of these platforms to provide innovative features, equitable participation, and genuine community engagement.


As we witness "The Great Speculative Exodus" towards Web3 social platforms, it's not just a migration but the dawn of a new age in social interaction, where financial incentives, community engagement, and technological innovation converge. This transformative era calls for action: Builders and developers, you are encouraged to explore and create more speculative opportunities within Web3 platforms, tapping into the vast landscape of digital assets and social interactions. Users of these burgeoning platforms, dive deep into the speculative communities; your engagement, creativity, and participation are vital in shaping the future of these networks. And to all enthusiasts and believers in the potential of Web3 social platforms, spread this message far and wide. Share your experiences, educate others, and invite more individuals to join this exciting journey. Together, let's build, engage, and amplify the impact of this exodus, inspiring a future that's decentralized, dynamic, and driven by community. In this new digital landscape, everyone has a stake and a voice, and together, we can shape a future that is as innovative as it is inclusive.