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American Freedom

There’s something about summer in the states that just feels like freedom.

Maybe it’s the warmer weather. Maybe it’s the verdant and flourishing environs.

Whatever the reason may be, to me at least, American Freedom peaks during the summer months.

This past weekend in particular I was struck with a feeling of total freedom and the immense amount of golden opportunities available to citizens of this great country at any given time.

I was so struck with this feeling that I started jotting down a running list of items and experiences I had this past weekend that embody and feel like American Freedom.

Not sure why, but the list quickly became alliterative and S-based - or should I say S-tier - which I’m sharing below:

  • Summer weekends

  • Sardines + Cider

  • Shrooms

  • Sunset drives on Sundays

  • Smashing Pumpkins “Here Is No Why” + 311 “Beautiful Disaster playing on loop

  • Short Forest Park hikes

  • Sudden yard-work

  • Super market strolls

  • Slices of key lime pie


Cover image: “Subtle Dropoff” by Max Osiris