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500k Block Reorg on L3 WTF

What happened to @degentokenbase's 500,000 Block Reorg on an L3?

Learn more about L3, Rollup Reorg, and RaaS… 👀 ⬇️

Degen Chain 🎩 (@degentokenbase), an L3, experienced a 500k block reorg 🤯.

The issue is due to a custom config change by Conduit, the rollup service provider for Degen chain.

Degen Chain is an L3 built with @arbitrum Orbit, @base for settlement, and AnyTrust for DA.

My favorite mental model (by @hdevalence) for L3 is that they are just "L2 on top of L2".

What is Degen Chain’s Reorg?

This is not a typical L1 blockchain reorg (nodes disagree on the most accurate version of the chain), but forced inclusion is not operated correctly (batches are not posted to base layer, in this case, from Degen to Base).

L3’s Reorg Problem.

So why do L3 reorgs happen (from @donnoh_eth)?

  • L3 posts different batch to L2 from soft confirmation (today’s case)

  • L2 reorgs itself

  • L1 reorgs so L2 reorgs

Besides dunking, this issue points out open problems:

  • Why trusting the managed sequencer to be honest? (from @0xMawuko)

  • How to resolve reorgs when L2s and L3s are actually decentralized?

  • What if RaaS goes wrong?

  • What if L1 or L2 goes wrong?

  • ……

Anyways, luckily users’ funds are safe. Nothing is breaking or missing.