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Ministry of Education: resolutely investigate and deal with malicious price increases in non disciplinary training

In view of the prominent problems such as malicious price increases and overtime charges of non-disciplinary after-school training institutions, which were strongly reflected by the society before the winter vacation, all parts of the country took rapid action, centralized rectification and legislative reform in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of education, the development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of market supervision, and basically completed the special investigation and rectification of non-disciplinary training charges before and after the winter vacation. Come with Xiaobian——

All localities earnestly implement the work requirements, clarify the objectives, tasks and specific measures in combination with the actual situation, strengthen departmental coordination, give full play to the role of the special coordination mechanism for the “double reduction” work, and comprehensively investigate the problems through open and secret visits, inquiry and verification. Refine price standards and define malicious price increases in accordance with laws and regulations. Smooth the supervision channels, expand the sources of problem clues, and quickly check and deal with them to ensure that the problems are solved in the early stage. As of February 15, 184800 non disciplinary training institutions had been investigated and 52 malicious price increase institutions had been found. The relevant violations had been rectified, the relevant institutions had been seriously dealt with, and the malicious price increase of training fees had been returned to parents.

Next, the Ministry of education will take the supervision of non disciplinary training as a new focus of work, further improve the supervision system, clarify the standard requirements, strengthen the whole chain supervision in advance, during and after the event, strengthen the inspection of law enforcement, resolutely curb the malicious price increase, overtime charging and other behaviors that violate the public welfare attribute of non disciplinary training, and ensure that the governance effect of off campus training is not discounted.