Posted on Nov 28, 2023Read on Mirror.xyz

StableNet Testnet Launch: Empowering the Community with Profits


In the wave of multiple Rollup and ZK technologies, Lumoz is once again leading the industry's innovation by introducing the Layer 2 network - StableNet, based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA. This article will comprehensively introduce the technical and design highlights of StableNet, provide insights into the potential rewards and airdrops for the upcoming Mainnet shortly after the Testnet, and envision the future development of StableNet.

StableNet Highlights

StableNet is the first ZK-Rollup released based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA. As an innovative Layer 2 network, it boasts several unique features:

  • The first Layer 2 network uses USDC as Gas fee, providing users with a stable and transparent fee structure.

  • The first Layer 2 network that redistributes gas fee revenue to all community contributors, breaking traditional patterns and sharing the network's success. L2 gas fee sharing is also one of the most distinctive features of StableNet.

  • The first to introduce Layer 1 yield concept, where assets locked in StableNet automatically compound on AAVE/Lido, with all earnings also benefiting the community contributors.

  • The first Layer 2 network supports atomic cross-rollup communication, allowing users to directly interact with Dapps on Ethereum Layer 1.

  • The first Layer 2 network supports a decentralized proof-of-network, providing a more stable and reliable zero-knowledge proof calculation.

StableNet, with its 100% EVM compatibility, outstanding performance, low fees, and robust security, offers users an excellent Layer 2 experience.

Learn more about StableNet: https://docs.stablenet.io/

Testnet Launch

After extensive testing, StableNet's Testnet is set to go live on December 1. To celebrate this launch, we are introducing the Galxe event exclusively for the Testnet, allowing users participating in Testnet testing to earn additional Lumoz loyalty points. By engaging in testing, users can not only experience and familiarize themselves with StableNet's features in advance but also earn more future rewards when the Mainnet goes live.

StableNet's Vision for Development

StableNet serves as a showcase to all potential projects, illustrating the compelling advantages that Rollup technology can bring to their future development. By demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of StableNet as a Layer 2, we aim to showcase the immense potential that ZK-Rollup technology holds for projects seeking enhanced scalability, reduced transaction costs, and increased efficiency in their blockchain-based endeavors. This showcase not only highlights the prowess of StableNet but also positions rollup solutions as an optimal choice for forward-thinking projects looking to elevate their development strategies.

In the End

Putting users and the community first, we encourage everyone to actively participate in the Testnet, personally experience StableNet, and accumulate loyalty points. This is part of our commitment to ensuring the stability and performance of StableNet, and it is also a way of acknowledging your valuable feedback.

The StableNet Mainnet is expected to launch shortly after the Testnet (approximately 3 weeks) and will kick off a comprehensive airdrop! Stay tuned to Lumoz's official Twitter and Discord for updates, and let's collectively anticipate the exciting journey of StableNet setting sail!