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Election and Council Pitches

Grants Council elections are live! Token holders may now vote with their $KWENTA tokens for a Grants Council representative. Each wallet may vote for one candidate, with voting power proportional to their total staked $KWENTA holdings, both liquid and escrowed. The top 3 candidates will become part of the Grants Council. To learn more about the Grants Council, please see the previous blog post.

Voting will be open on snapshot for a period of 1 week between the following dates:

  • January 25th, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC - February 1st, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC

Thank you for participating, and good luck to the candidates.

The following are the unedited council pitch messages from Discord, published here for the convenience of token holders who may not primarily use Discord.



My name is John, I’m a Kwenta Admiral, and have been a Synthetix staker since 2020. I’m also a writer for the Lyra Short Put (, a community run media initiative which is funded by an on-going grant from Lyra.

As Kwenta starts up its grants program I think I can help take some of the learnings from the Lyra Grant Council around what did and didn’t work and apply them here. I think the biggest take away was to try to keep the grants smaller so they’re easier to measure, similar to how the dev DAO handles scope for the software development done by the community.

Thinking about KIP-44 I have a few ideas I’d like to explore for trading competitions:

  • Long or short only - Who makes the most money when you’re only allowed to bet in one direction.

  • Alts Only - No BTC or ETH. We’ll be adding new assets to perps V2 soon and this will be a good way to get them some usage.

  • 25x leverage only - Who makes the most money when the stakes are high and youre mostly gambling?

I’m also a software developer by background even though I trade and farm full time now so hopefully we can find ways to use the /kwentize PFPs without making CCs write a bunch more code.


Hey guys I’m Synthquest. I’m a current councilor on the Synthetix Grants Council and an avid dune analytics nerd. I recently proposed KIP-53 ( to integrate the Socket Plugin allowing for a more composable front end and better UX. In the short month that I’ve been on the GC at Synthetix I have worked closely with CCs to remake the outdated Synthetix Stats page, proposed and currently piloting a GC funded bounty program, and continue to provide feedback and insight about different grant proposals. I plan to bring the same energy and momentum into the Kwenta GC.

Given the early nature of this GC, I plan to work closely with the Elite Council to provide meaningful data about the GC’s impact on Kwenta’s growth and development. I’m hoping to clearly show what works and what doesn’t with objective truths rather than gut feelings. My goal is to succinctly provide the Elite Council with enough information that they can easily make the decision to keep or dissolve the GC. If I happen to work my way out of a job, so be it.

Some things I hope to push for on the GC:

  • Building out unique trading competitions

  • Creating weekly tasks with some incentivized rewards (NFTs, Kwenta Tokens, SNX or synths, etc.)

  • Investigate feasibility to build tooling to better link projects (open lyra positions, deposit in dhedge/polynomial products, etc.) without ever leaving Kwenta

  • Investigate feasibility to build out Kwenta SDK tooling (Immense potential to allow people to build off the work done here and benefit from traffic routed through Kwenta)

  • Many, too many, more ideas

Simply put, I think there are ways to gamify the trading experience for smaller traders while still offering the gold standard trading experience to mid/large traders. I’m extremely excited for Kwenta’s bright future and hope you’ll consider me to help make it happen.


doge v doge

Hey All I'm doge v doge,

Been in crypto since 2016 -- got my start at ConsenSys. Been building crypto companies ever since -- deeply involved in the DeFi space. From there grew my passion for trading and also after being burned a couple times...having full control and sovereignty over my assets. Love the platform Kwenta is building, it's super critical to the ecosystem.

I've attended ETHDenver and ETHcc Paris almost every year since 2016 as well as DevCon when I can. Was working as Head of Product for Web3 but due to downturn/economy/goblintown/crypto winter, the project ran out of runway. Still passionate about DeFi and DAOs and been looking around for where I can make the biggest impact.

Since I've been in the industry a while, my network is wide -- people I've known since 2016 have gone in all sorts of directions. Been living nomad across the Americas as well as Europe -- I fund my lifestyle by trading when I'm not building something new in DeFi.

I'm comfortable writing Go + Typescript due to my CS background. Lots of experience with ML+AI and large datasets from outside of crypto eons ago (pre-2015). Also comfortable using lending platforms of all types and moving between chains to arbitrage price action.

Something to note: my network is primarily from outside of Synthetix ecosystem and my inclusion on the council would help to push the grants/marketing effort from the outside of the normal Synthetix ecosystem -- I've been involved in oracle companies, cryptographic companies, DeFi wallets, market makers, exchanges, and AMMs, as well as pitching to the broader VC ecosystem from time to time.


  • "Follow my trades" where user can sub to a certain portfolio or person

  • Create marketing guild that keeps track of notable activity on the platform + encourages celebrities to trade

  • Work on the API and dev community as well. Plugins rule!

  • Tap network to get adoption from other platforms



Hey everyone!

My name is Kubesqrt, and I am excited to put myself forward as a candidate for the Kwenta grants council. I have a wealth of experience in various DAOs, particularly with Cowswap, where I have been a member of the grants council for the past six months and a community member for over a year. During this time, I have had the opportunity to oversee the funding and completion of various grants.

In addition to my role on the grants council, I am a contributor to Cowswap, where I produce content related to CoW Protocol and MEV. I am also active in the Cryptotesters community and contribute to Lyra, where I work on the shortput with @mastermojo83 ⇌ .

Lastly, I am excited to share that I have recently began helping @🌈 Burt Rock ⇌ Kwenta with trading articles for Kwenta’s trading school.

Given my experience in various DAOs, I am well-suited for this committee role. My experience in the Cowswap grants council will be invaluable in setting up and managing the GrantsDAO. Furthermore, I am eager to leverage the communities I am currently a part of to identify and implement effective methods for community involvement and contributions to the GrantsDAO.

As a member of the Kwenta GrantsDAO committee, I have a clear set of objectives that I aim to achieve:

  • Establish a clear and concise process flowchart outlining the steps from grant submission to completion.

  • Prioritize high-value grants by working closely with various Kwenta groups to identify areas of greatest need, focusing on driving protocol growth and rewarding the community for their efforts.

  • Efficiently and appropriately distribute DAO funds to maximize impact and ensure maximum benefit to the community. This is a key objective for me, as the efficient distribution of funds is critical to achieving the overall goals of the GrantsDAO.

  • Develop clear criteria for assessing grant proposals to ensure a fair and consistent evaluation process.

  • Streamline the application process to provide applicants with a response within two weeks of submitting their proposal.

  • Further down the line, create a user-friendly DAO website where individuals can easily apply for grants and view available opportunities. (similar to

  • Foster maximum transparency by implementing badges for committee voting, allowing community members to easily see who voted for which grant.

It is essential to support a wide range of grants that will benefit the community. Below, I have listed some examples of the types of grants that I would like to see come out of the GrantsDAO in the future:

  • Community-driven content: Encouraging community members to create written content such as guides, tutorials, and articles.

  • Data-driven content/analysis: Create a monthly/quarterly articles that evaluate Kwenta’s key KPIs and draft some basic financial statements to clearly understand how DAO funds are being used.

  • Video content: Creating video tutorials that showcase the benefits and features of Kwenta, as well as key takeaways from the trading school articles.

  • Kwenta Newsletter: Develop a newsletter that keeps community members informed about the latest developments, updates, and events in the Kwenta ecosystem.

  • Twitter/Discord bots: Develop bots that can provide valuable statistics and information, such as those found on Kwenta sREKT, to community members in real-time.

  • Collaborations with other communities: Partnering with other communities to create trading competitions and events that can help drive engagement and interest in Kwenta.

  • Outsource tasks: Identifying tasks that can be outsourced to the community to alleviate the workload of core contributors and increase community participation.

Overall, my goal is to support grants that will drive engagement, foster community growth, and reward high-impact community work.



Hello guys, i've been thinking about my nomination for weeks now and still cannot decide by myself, so i think it's better to let my faith in between your votes and let you decide if i fit the job or not.

So i'm Subli, defi Maximalist since 2021. I've been deeply involved in the Optimism ecosysyem (synthetix, velodrome, kwenta, etc...) and recently been appointed Optimism Ambassador for which i have an incredible roadmap for 2023 (newsletter, podcast, etc...).

I've also been deeply involved as i said in Kwenta, being a "men-in-black" and making educational content to promote/talk about the project since Sept-22.

So why getting nominated ? I can do a commercial speech 3 pages long really, but i think the best answer i could provide is: 1- I'm a Defi Maximalist and definitively think that Perps will continue to grow against CEFI and become the backbone of Defi products (Options for instance) 2- I'm a Spartan also, thinking the optimism flywheel will take off Thanks to Synthetix Liquidity as a service, so supporting Kwenta growth is natural 3- Being in various project discords i have a wide knowledge of community management, and i think i could make some ideas being implemented that would support Kwenta Growth :

  • Newsletter

  • Trading Competition

  • Boosters program

  • The Square NFT collection Etc.... 4- I love the team and strongly believe in the project, otherwise i would have never applied

Finally, i like to be honest with you by saying that due to dense business work (outside crypto) and family duties + time difference (being in CET time zone) i have very little time to jump on community call, and this should be taken into account in your vote. However for those who knows me, you will be able to attest that i'm a hard worker, and always reached objectives & deadlines. Subli — 01/22/2023 11:44 PM Finally, i deeply think that my Great visiubility on Twitter (soon +10k followers) + My Role as Optimism Ambassador and The Optimistic Series i've created + here Becoming GC member can be the Trilogy that will spin the flywheel for Kwenta.

Here is the adress i like to be associated to: 0x03143EE031AA7bD7b6846750d066A27f18D39edd

mastermojo83 ⇌

Hey guys it’s MasterMojo, and I am running for the first Kwenta Grants Council. :kwenta~1:

Quick about me: I live in the Appalachia area of the US (insert hillbilly jokes). I have been in Crypto since 2017 and Defi since late 2020. I am a family man with a wife and two wild young boys. My hobbies are investing/swing trading in Crypto, enjoying the outdoors, hiking, running, beekeeping, and being a hobby farmer (hops, blueberries, and apples). :elitepass:

My current Governance Duties in Defi: I have been a Synthetix Ambassador for almost a year now (love the SNX ecosystem!), on the current Lyra Grants Council, current Optimism Badgeholder and Delegate. I also run the Lyra Short Put newsletter with @jwineman and @kubesqrt (both great candidates too!) :synthwavespartan~2:

I have been advocating for Kwenta since the discord was formed, and continue to do so! I no longer trade on a CEX and strictly trade on Kwenta. My vision for Kwenta is to see it as the trading hub for all Defi! :pepelove~2:

Thanks for taking time for read this, and I hope I earn your vote 🍻



Hey Spartans, I’m Electric

I have been a crypto trader and DeFi enthusiast since before it was named DeFi (early 2017). I joined the Synthetix community in 2020. I've been lurking around for a while, learning and reading almost all SIPs and KIPs, and I believe now is my time to contribute to this amazing community.

I am an active contributor to various open-source projects. As a community coordinator, I grew a local open-source community from a few members into tens of thousands and organized local and international community events and conferences.

My background is in IT project and product management. I own a web design company where we've helped to grow our client businesses from zero to millions. I recently decided to delegate all my responsibilities and focus my full attention on DeFi / web3, currently analyzing DeFi protocols with a focus on DEXs. I helped @🌈 Burt Rock ⇌ Kwenta find a sybil attacker in a previous trading competition and helped with some other small tasks on Kwenta Discord.

Although I have yet to gain experience from being a member of a grants council, my friend @cyberduck has been sharing his Synthetix grants council experience.

Some of my ideas for incentives, community engagement, and marketing:

  • Regular and specialized trading competitions

  • Kwenta lottery

  • Whale hunt

  • Affiliate trading rewards

  • Trader profit booster

  • Better visual identity and brand awareness of Kwenta

  • Working with influencers

  • Direct marketing to whale traders

I strongly believe in Synthetix and Kwenta ecosystem. I am excited about this opportunity to use my skills and experience to help Kwenta grow to be the best and biggest decentralized exchange.


andrea0x.eth | kwenta_ita

Hi Guys, it’s Andrea0x.eth here

About me: I am a product manager in web3, with experience in building different protocols. I have been in Crypto since 2015 and became a DeFi Maximalist since the 2018. I am a very technical person and this comes from my specilistic studies in blockchain and EVM / Smart Contract technology. I am part of The Agency in Kwenta and founder of Kwenta_ita, Coutry Lead for Synthetix and founder of Synthetix Italia. I like to hack building useful applications and bring added value to the industry, however I try to help the ecosystem. I am a Tennis Player 🎾 , I live in Italy on the Sea 🌅.

What I'll bring to the Grant Coucil:

  • Good experience in evaluating and expanding strategic partnerships and maintaining existing relationships,

  • Ability to explore and support with grants new business opportunities and strategic initiatives aligned to the road map,

  • Ability to assess the entire business framework in order to effectively negotiate grant conditions and to succeed in engaging partners,

  • Ability to understand the monetary needs of application projects in order to effectively estimate the fund required for implementation for optimal allocation of grant funds and great management of funds,

  • Ability to contribute to applications by making suggestions and guiding application projects towards a better vision and application towards Kwenta,

  • 4+ years' experience in business development. Working experience in the blockchain sector and web3 is essential for evaluating projects and activities to be financed,

  • Great relationship management skills, able to communicate with cross-functional teams including product, technology, communication and operation.

My 2 cents on the Kwenta Grants Council pilot program: I think a grant programme for Kwenta could give a nice boost to external, community-driven projects that aim to improve the user experience in the Kwenta ecosystem. At the same time, I am afraid we are still in an "immature" stage, so I think the decision to create a programme for one and only one epoch is more than right, given the still premature life of the DAO Kwenta.

Here is the adress i like to be associated to: 0x4591ae3b12b1701b4747fcb4c109b6872671138b



Hi, I am Claplace.


  • 7 years professional trading experience with 4 years in fund trading forex, gold, stocks, and 3 years in crypto exchanges

  • A quantitative trader in crypto, programming cta trader in forex and gold, and swing trader in stocks.

  • Crypto experience including spot and perps market-making, automated otc quote and market-making, valuation management, hedging, and settlement. Hobby:

  • Dune wizard:

  • Medium writer in Block Magnates

  • Python scripts for fun

Value to GC:

  • Advanced orders and trading bots.

  • Hedging strategies and traps.

  • Importing other asset classes.

Asian timezone. Plz take into consideration.

0xMerlin ⇌

Hi Kwentians, I’m Merlin.

My address : Zyanide.eth

A quick about me: Originally from a Biomedical Sciences background, though no longer working professionally in biotech, to this day I still read research papers in my spare time - my passion includes nutrition, preventative measures of metabolic syndrome, neuropsychopharmacology etc. If you wish to summon me on Discord, as if a genie from a lamp, you only need to mention the words “seed oil” or “neurotoxicity”.... Or poker. Did I mention that I love to play poker?

Been in crypto since 2012 whilst I was studying my degree, but it wasn’t until 2019 I got deeply involved in the ethereum ecosystem, hopping from farm to farm chasing yield. I also managed a scholarship program for a minecraft based DeFi game NFTWorlds, at our peak we had over 400 players under our scholarship. Additionally, I have been a semi-successful trader in the past few years, and has been my primary source of income. I have a keen interest in algorithmic trading, and have written various strategies in pinescript and python.

Self-taught programmer, since last year I have been the frontend developer for Isomorph Protocol, it will be an Optimism-native DeFi lending protocol that will make use of liquidity from Lyra/Velodrome etc as collateral. (...continued)

Currently I, alongside with some friends, have been working on a platform where users can design their own algorithmic trading strategies with automated execution on Kwenta, in simple click-and-drag fashion. On top of technical indicators, price and volume, there would be exciting features, such as if a big account on Twitter is to make a tweet, let’s say if “Elon Musk” has a new tweet that contains the word “Doge”. I believe if algorithmic trading was to be made simple and code-free, plenty of people would be excited to experiment and turn their ideas into reality. Moreover, being able to do this in a decentralised way - not having to give your private key or API key away to third party providers like 3Commas, or store your assets on an exchange like FTX.

My vision aligns with Kwenta’s, and I am thrilled to be presented with an opportunity to be part of this.

Some of my ideas that I would like to see materialise and funded by grants council if I was elected:

-Affiliate trading rewards -Kwenta Newsletter in various languages (I am fluent in Chinese whereas my partner is a Japanese translator professionally, which could come in handy) -Educational videos - on staking, trading etc -Trading competitions - longer periods more suited for HTF traders, and shorter ones (3 days) for scalpers. Man vs Machine (manual execution traders versus automated) -Kwenta NFTs collection -Poker competitions versus other Synthetix communities

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I’m Kipto, a long-time Kwenta / Optimism ecosystem user, devDAO member (Bounty Hunter), and co-founder of Orb, a web3 social media app built on Lens Protocol ( I bring a unique combination of skills and experience that make me the ideal candidate to join Kwenta's Grants Council. My background in trading and programming, coupled with my experience in community building, gives me a unique perspective on how to drive growth and adoption.

I believe that I can bring fresh ideas and strategies to increase brand awareness and user adoption to Kwenta. What worked previously has gotten old in 2023. I see a lot potential in using communities to create brand awareness and drive user adoption, as well as incentivizing platform usage through trading competitions, gamification. Besides the usual social media, I see Lens Protocol as a perfect place for this community to join and start attracting the new users. Communities offer clever ways for encourage users to display their involvement. Making winning / losing fun and keeping UX and service-level superb and transparent is mandatory. By offering transparent streamlined grant application processes, we’ll get impactful projects and their users that build on top of Kwenta.

Although I may not be the most active community member, my experience as a long-time user of Kwenta's product has given me an understanding of its needs and desires. I am confident that my skills, experience, and passion for Kwenta and community-building will be a valuable asset to the Grants Council, and I am eager to contribute to Kwenta's success.

An address you'd like to be publicly associated with: kipto.eth.

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