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Key Findings From 20 Conversations with Blockchain Art Visionaries

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"90% of podcasts don’t get past episode 3. That’s 1.8 million who quit.

Of the 200,000 left, 90% will quit after 20 episodes.

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Last week's episode marked the 20th Kaloh’s Podcast Episode. I’ve been lucky to discuss art and blockchain with some of the space's brightest artists, founders, and curators.

To celebrate this milestone, I wrote down my main takeaway from each of the episodes:

1. Jordan Lyall - Founder & Collector

Everyone can create value in the space (not only artists). This is even more critical during crypto winters.

2. FAR - Artist

Every artist’s path is unique as they navigate different interests, professions, and experiences.

3. ClownVamp - Artist & Collector

AI art is about storytelling and not about technicalities.

4. Seth Goldstein - Founder & Collector

Bright Moment’s success came from fostering communities.

5. Maria Paula - Founder & Curator

Blockchain and crypto culture are essential, and we need to preserve them.

6. Mitchell F. Chan - Artist

The blockchain opens the doors for new mechanics and experiences in art, including games.

7. Ciphrd - Founder & Artist

Big things have small beginnings.

8. Sasha Stiles - Artist & Founder

Sasha has a bold, profound, and revolutionary artistic vision.

9. Casey Reas - Artist & Founder

Delegate more. It has played a vital role in Casey's success as an artist, founder, and curator.

10. Agoria - Artist & DJ

Follow your passion, even if the world is against you.

11. Ivona Tau - Artist

AI is a very vague and ambiguous term. AI is patterns taken from data.

12. Artnome - Founder & Collector

Embracing the nonpopular and less traditional path has been Artnome’s mantra.

13. Aleksandra Art - Curator & Artist

Fundamental rules taught in art business schools don’t translate to the blockchain art space.

14. Laurence Fuller - Artist & Collector

The best way to approach someone you admire is to focus on their passions, not what they are known for.

15. Alejandro Cartagena - Artist & Founder

Outstanding photography projects can take years in the making.

16. Micol - Founder & Curator

Artists should worry more about expanding their audience than selling out today’s release.

17. Valerie Whitacre - Art Professional

We are in an art movement, not a political movement.

18. Elena Zavelev - Curator & Educator

Traditional galleries focus on one-to-one relations, while digital galleries focus on one-to-many.

19. Anika Meier - Curator & Founder

Anika never wanted to be a curator but always wanted to be a writer. Being a writer is essential to succeed in many fields, especially art curation.

20. Ryan Bell - Artist

Being early to new technologies, platforms, and trends can help artists extend their audience.

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- Kaloh

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